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blockDefault action

From: <jon.calladine@bt.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:55:44 -0000
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 For discussion on the call today please.

Action from last call:

Noah points out that we are lumping any use of blockDefault into 1
pattern (./blockDefault) whereas there is a valid assignment
(blockDefault="") that is equivalent to the blockDefault attribute not
being present. 

On the call last week we agreed that specifying any actual blocking
(ext/res/sub) was an advanced pattern but the natural conclusion is that
blockDefault="" is a basic pattern.

We either repurpose the existing basic pattern to catch this usage:

 - <pattern xml:id="BlockDefault" status="basic" origin="ISSUE-83"

and add a new pattern for the advanced usage

- <pattern xml:id="BlockDefaultExtResSub" status="advanced"
origin="ISSUE-83" groupid="SchemaElement"> 
<xpath>./@blockDefault and not(./@blockDefault)</xpath> 

(plus changing examples accordingly)

or vice versa (ie make the existing pattern advanced and add a new basic

I know we will find it hard to add new basic patterns at this stage so
suggest the former.
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