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Re: New draft: 10 Aug

From: Innovimax SARL <innovimax@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 00:30:04 +0200
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To: "Norman Walsh" <ndw@nwalsh.com>
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(Sorry Big mail)

s/7.1.1 Add Attributes/7.1.1 Add Attribute/ (remove the extra s)

In C.2 Fragment Identifiers
The link for "defaulted names" is broken
Also don't we need the xmlns() scheme for resolving pipeline inside p:librairy ?

In 5.1.2 Parameter Inputs

This is redundant and pointing to error that are not exactly what is described

It is a static error (err:XS0040) to specify any value other than
"yes" or "true". It is a static error (err:XS0020) to specify the
sequence attribute on a parameter input with any value other than

In application of this

Example 10,
p:parameters step,
p:xslt step,
p:xslt2 step,
p:xsl-formatter step,
and p:xquery step should add sequence="yes" to input port="parameters"

In the declaration of component, no distinction is made between XSLT
pattern and XPath expression : please make the distinction

  name? = NCName
  match = XPath expression><!-- should be XSLT pattern instead -->

  name? = NCName
  test = XPath expression><!-- is ok -->


Remove unneeded sequence="no" in p:add-attribute

Please add sequence="yes" to output port=result in p:add-xml-base or
remove it from input port="source"

Rephrase second bullet

If the element is the document element and *there is no explicit has
no xml:base attribute*, an xml:base attribute is added with the value
set to the element's base URI.
see between stars

It seems option=all need to have a default value to 'no', and
option=relative also

In p:directory-list
Why is filter a Regex ?

In p:insert
Now that there is no default for position, It needs to be required="yes"

In p:label
Please remove the first line (redundant) and the unneeded "and the step fails"
If an existing xml:id value conflicts with a previously generated
value, the step fails.

It is a dynamic error (err:XC0006) if an existing xml:id value
conflicts with a previously generated value and the step fails.
In p:namespace-rename
Please rephrase this sentence
If the from option is the empty string, or is not specified, then
elements and attributes in no namespace are renamed. If the to option
is the empty string, or is not specified, then elements and attributes
in the specified from namespace are renamed into no namespace.

In p:parameters
All the c:parameter points to p:parameter, please fix it

as with p:document/p:documentation, I suggest to find another name for this step
In p:rename

I think we should narrow the error XC009 to target only the validity
of the name option
It is a dynamic error (err:XC0009) if the specified name is not a
valid name or if the renaming would introduce a syntactic error into
the document (i.e., if it would create two attributes with the same
name on the same element).
It is a dynamic error (err:XC0009) if the specified name is not a valid QName

For the matter of validity, if we want to keep such level of detail,
we need to provide the same for each step (which could be a huge task)

We already know that if the document is not namespace aware well
formed, it will be a XD0001 error (note en passant that XD0001 is not
as precise at it should)

In p:set-attributes
you need to provide a default value for match or make it required="yes"

Note en passant, that all match option are not consistant in each steps


In p:serialization

"The encoding must support the values UTF-8 or UTF-16."

Please replace "or" by "and" (UTF-8 should be mandatory)

"The omit-xml-declaration must support be supported. If the value is
not specified or has the value no, an XML declaration must be

please correct "must support be supported". Also, Is the
omit-xml-declaration="yes" mandatory (your phrasing is not enough


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