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RE: Our algorithm for anonymous step names doesn't work

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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 14:48:40 +0200
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What if you simply label each imported pipeline/library, giving it !N, where
N is the number of the pipeline/library in terms of when it was resolved.

For example, pipeline imports pipeline A and B, pipeline A imports C and D,
and B imports E. Assuming no imported pipeline/library has a name, they'd
have !1, !2, !3, !4 and !5 for A, C, D, B and E respectively.

I'm not certain as to whether this should be preserved if a certain
pipeline/library is named. I mean if, say, C is explicitly named "q", should
the names be !1, "q", !3, !4 and !5 or !1, "q", !2, !3 and !4? I'm OK with
either option, as long as it's explicitly specified.

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Our algorithm for computing step names for anonymous steps doesn't work. If
you import two anonymous pipelines, they both have the same anonymous name
"!1". No doubt there are other ways to run afoul of the fact that the naming
is only unique in the context of a single document.

We could say this doesn't matter, since the anonymous names can't be used in
any pipeline, but that seems like cheating. Also, it means that the step
name used in an error message might be ambiguous.

I suspect the cost effective answer is to punt and make the names of
anonymous steps implementation-defined.

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