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Re: Charter

From: Leif Halvard Silli <xn--mlform-iua@xn--mlform-iua.no>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 18:40:26 +0100
To: public-xml-er@w3.org
Message-ID: <20120217184026783388.1dd078f7@xn--mlform-iua.no>
Liam R E Quin Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:59:06 +0100
> I'm trying to make sure that we enable user agents to give warning
> messages to developers and authors. One somewhat different strategy for
> error recovery (unlikely to fly for a Web browser but very suitable for
> an XML editor) might be
> (1) parse as XML
> (2) on error, offer to load a DTD (often the only way to deal with
> "unknown entity" error)

W3C's own browser editor - Amaya - does it differently: It "presses" 
the user to fix well-formed errors. But when that has been done, and 
only unknown attributes and elements are left, then allows you to work 
on your document - but continues to display a red button to signal that 
there are errors.

> (3) if that doesn't work, offer to try "automatic fixup"
Leif Halvard Silli
Received on Friday, 17 February 2012 17:40:55 UTC

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