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AssocSS issue holman-1 and holman-2

From: Grosso, Paul <pgrosso@ptc.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 13:34:49 -0500
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"is there any normative section that describes how a user agent 
is to interpret the [pseudo-attribute] values?"


"what is the interpretation of the order of the links?"

First, I don't think this AssocSS spec should get into
interpreting the PA values normatively.  Likewise, the
interpretation of the order of links should be left to
the application (and may, in fact, differ for different
stylesheet languages).

So I think the short answer to the first question is "no" 
and to the second question is "not our problem."  Not that
I'm suggesting we say that.

My suggestion is to replace the last paragraph of section 4 
with the following two paragraphs (underscores indicate
where linking-to-defns and such sort of markup needs to
be added):

An _xml-stylesheet processor_ passes the _parsing result_ 
on to the _application_ which is responsible for interpreting 
the _parsing result_ and acting on that information.  The 
semantics of the various _pseudo-attributes_ beyond the 
semantics indicated above (directly and by reference to 
another specification) follows that defined for the corresponding
attribute of the HTML 4.0 <LINK REL="stylesheet">[HTML40].

Any links to style sheets that are specified externally to 
the document (e.g., Link headers in some versions of HTTP 
[RFC2068]) are considered to create associations that occur 
before the associations specified by the xml-stylesheet 
processing instructions.  The _application_ is responsible
for taking all associations and--possibly depending on the
details of the associations (e.g., the language of the
associated stylesheets)--determine how, if at all, the
order of the associations affects its processing. 

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