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Minutes for XML Core Nov 5 f2f

From: Grosso, Paul <pgrosso@ptc.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 18:15:17 -0500
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We meet Monday afternoon.

Michael Sperberg-McQueen
Konrad (on IRC)

We want to have LEIRIs defined in one place (the revised
IRI RFC) and reference that from various specs to define 
"System identifiers (and other XML strings meant to be used 
as URI references)".  The XML Core specs in question are:
XML, XML Base, XLink, XInclude.  (At one point we also
mentioned xml-stylesheet, but we later decided to forget 
about xml-stylesheet.)

XML 1.0 Section 4.2.2:

Currently has a paragraph reading:

 System identifiers ... may contain characters that...must 
 be escaped before a URI can be used to retrieve the
 referenced resource. 

We decided to replace this (2nd para of 4.2.2) and the 
following 3 points by:

 System identifiers (and other XML strings meant to be used
 as URI references) are LEIRIs [ref].  Failure to match the
 applicable syntax productions of [LEIRI] is not an error.
 Note, however, system identifiers which do not conform to
 LEIRIs are not in practice likely to be useful. 

Martin's latest IRI draft is at:

The section about LEIRIs is section 7.

In Martin's draft, in 6.2, it says:

 Intermediate software interfaces between IRI-capable
 components and URI-only components MUST map the IRIs
 per Section 3.1, when transferring from IRI-capable
 to URI-only components.  This mapping SHOULD be applied
 as late as possible.  It SHOULD NOT be applied between
 components that are known to be able to handle IRIs.

We like that, and we wonder if we should do something 
like that for LEIRIs or ask Martin to do something.

MSM suggests we ask Martin to add an analogy to the 6.2 
para to section 7, but let's not worry if he says no.

The ref to 7.3 in 7.2 is a bit dicey, since 7.3 lists
things not allowed in LEIRIs too.

ACTION to Henry (done):  Send email to Martin with 
suggestion to fix ref to 7.3 in 7.2.

We asked whether we should reference "X and successors"
or just "X" when referencing the RFC that defines LEIRIs.
We did not resolve this.

XLink 1.1, Section 5.4:
replace para starting:

 The value of the href attribute is an XML resource identifer...


 The value of the href attribute is a LEIRI [ref].

and then delete subsection 5.4.1 but move the para about 
relative references up into 5.4.

ACTION to Norm:  Suggest appropriate changes to XLink 1.1.

XML Base, section 3.1
Replace the first sentence of 3.1 with:

 The value of an xml:base attribute is a LEIRI [ref].

Delete the second sentence; leave the third.

We may have several places that need fixing.


3.1, href attribute is a LEIRI

See also 4.1.1 (details TBD) which can't reference XML 1.1
since we don't define XML Resource Identifiers in XML 1.1.
Just replace that para with the "They are LEIRIs" para.

XML 1.1
Can be fixed just like XML 1.0.


We discussed EXI a bit with Henry driving most of it--see

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