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Re: Request to approve publication of first WD of XLink 1.1

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:42:59 +0200
Message-ID: <1274335184.20050415174259@w3.org>
To: "Paul Grosso" <pgrosso@arbortext.com>
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On Friday, April 15, 2005, 5:22:04 PM, Paul wrote:

PG> The XML Core WG plans to request publication of 
PG>   XML Linking Language (XLink) Version 1.1
PG> whose latest editor's draft is currently available at
PG> http://www.w3.org/XML/Group/2004/xmlcore/xlink11/
PG> as a First Working Draft within the next week or two.

Congratulations Paul and Norm. The SVG WG is pleased to see this
document published, as it effectively removes the requirement to assume
that all XLink processors fetch external DTD subsets (which is
widespread existing practice in XLink usage, the xlink:type="simple"
typically being fixed in the DTD).

Most SVG processors are already conformant with this document.

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