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Re: WebID XG - semantic group profile.

From: Andrei Sambra <andrei@fcns.eu>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 00:08:43 +0200
Message-ID: <4DDC2C6B.1050608@fcns.eu>
To: "public-xg-webid@w3.org XG" <public-xg-webid@w3.org>
On 05/25/2011 12:01 AM, Coralie Mercier wrote:
> On Mon, 23 May 2011 11:45:54 +0200, Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>
> wrote:
>> On Fri, 20 May 2011 15:43:17 +0200, Henry Story
>> <henry.story@bblfish.net> wrote:
>> [...]
>>> The mbox_sha1sums I could generate automatically by scraping the
>>> mailing list members,
>>> Or perhaps somebody in the W3C even could write a script to do that.
>>> Then all that would
>>> be needed would be a form where people who logged in with their
>>> e-mail could also login with their webid to prove the equivalence.
>>>   I am not sure if this is within what is feasible within the W3C
>>> rules. So I am CC Coralie here.
>> [...]
>> I sent the request to the attention of our systems team and will let
>> you know as soon as I hear back.
>> Coralie
> I'm told the Systems Team has too many projects and too few resources
> to work on
> a WebID authentication system at present.
> Henri, as for W3C rules on use of subscribers, I think it would be
> best if you asked the group
> permission if you want to devise such a system.
Personally I would advice against publishing the emails of list members.
For now we can continue like this, having people subscribe to the group
profile out of their own accord. Besides, right now we see exactly who
is actively involved in WebID and who isn't.

> Coralie
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