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Schema integration -- at RDB or RDF Level

From: ashok malhotra <ashok.malhotra@oracle.com>
Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 09:16:39 -0700
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*Can someone volunteer to research Ahmed's question and report back to 
the XG?*


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Wanted to follow up on my action item on today’s call as part of the 
survey and areas for investigation:
We need to explore what are the tradeoffs between:

   1. Having global schema at the RDBMS level (i.e., among multiple
      database instances) and as a result integrating RDF resulting from
      mapping different RDBMS instances is easy/ready for integration.
      One common approach to reconcile rdbms schemas is the use of MDM
      (Master Data Mgmt) technology.
   2. An alternative is to do the reconcilation between individual
      mappings, of each individual rdbms instance to RDF, at higher
      level. This implies good optimization effort at the RDF level to
      reconcile (i.e., mapping ontologies to each other), etc.

It would be interesting to have this issue as an issue that we look at 
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All the best, Ashok

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