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Re: quick update on biblio curation / tagging

From: Paolo Missier <pmissier@acm.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 11:12:40 +0100
Message-ID: <4C3EDF18.9080505@acm.org>
To: Yolanda Gil <gil@isi.edu>
CC: "<public-xg-prov@w3.org>" <public-xg-prov@w3.org>

glad you find this workable...
these are good criteria, I'll go ahead and do some tagging today

we're up to 34 tagged papers  but I agree that the use case ones should 
be the focus

quick technicalities:

- there is a "web page" entry type in Mendeley so we can use that and 
then tag them uniformly
- not sure you can do stats on the tags used from within Mendeley. What 
I have done is sync locally and then run SQL against the local Mendeley 
DB and export the result to googledocs.
  This may be th3e best I can do as I am not sure how to make it happen 
automatically. Mendeley may not support that.
  not sure can "query" Mendeley" at all (as opposed to browsing)

Also: I find that bibdata is a great publication outlet but for editing 
we can just stick to the Mendeley dekstop, it seems quite convenient and 
the sync facility allows us to work together.

Cheers, -Paolo

> I would suggest that we all get more tagging done and that on the 
> Friday telecon we start querying the collection for each scenario to 
> see what obvious citations and tags may be missing.  Paolo: to 
> facilitate this, is there a way to put a link a query URL for Mendeley 
> to the wiki page for each scenario?  My goal is to move towards a 
> point where we can start to see the gaps and the relevant prior work 
> for each scenario through a few simple queries to Mendeley.
> Happy tagging!
> Yolanda
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