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Re: [MMSEM] Music Use Case & FOAF

From: Yves Raimond <yves.raimond@elec.qmul.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 15:47:32 +0100
Message-ID: <460A8004.3080107@elec.qmul.ac.uk>
To: Oscar Celma <ocelma@iua.upf.edu>
CC: Michiel Hildebrand <Michiel.Hildebrand@cwi.nl>, public-xg-mmsem@w3.org


> * tags['album'] => NOT DONE. I couldn't find a way to link a track to 
> its album-release in the MO, only the other way around: "an album  
> mo:has_track track".
I don't really see what is the problem? Do you really need the inverse 
property here? We had lots of discussion on this on the MO mailing list, 
and it was tricky to find the right trade off between `simplicity' for 
the user (=> all properties have an inverse) and the simplicity on the 
`querying' side (=>if I have a RDF store without reasoning, it will be 
quite tricky to look for each statement in the two possible ways).

Finally, what we decided was to indeed create these inverse properties, 
but marking them as unstable. But in this particular case, I don't 
really see why mo:has_track is not enough?

> * tags['year'] => PENDING. My proposal is to link it with dc:date.
It seems good to me, as I can't think of a better meaning for this tag 
(publishing date? performance date? composition date?...).

> * tags['comment'] => PENDING. My proposal is to link it with 
> dc:description.

Yes - this is perfectly ok. I did it in a similar way in dbtune [1].

> * tags['genre'] => PENDING. My proposal is to link it with mo:Genre, 
> but there are other proposals, like a SKOS taxonomy defining Musical
> Instruments [1], so probably doing the same for Musical Genres would 
> be a good option (although nobody will agree on the taxonomy :-) )

This is an issue:-) Florent from the MO mailing list is working on that 
(scrapping the genre taxonomy from wikipedia/dbpedia) - thus we could 
somehow keep the `cultural' aspect of this type of information? This is 
still in the early stages though.

> * tags['track'] => PENDING. Probably link it with mo:trackNum
> + plus other attributes such as:
> duration of the track => PENDING. Probably link it with mo:signalTime

Yes - you have to use this property on a Signal object (same thing for 


[1] http://purl.org/dbtune/ or http://purl.org/dbtune/doc/ (small 
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