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Re: Interoperability Framework and Vocabulary

From: RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 18:15:45 +0100
Message-ID: <45E1C441.772D1D8E@cwi.nl>
To: MMSem-XG Public List <public-xg-mmsem@w3.org>
CC: jpan@csd.abdn.ac.uk, tobias.buerger@deri.org, ocelma@iua.upf.edu, Yves Raimond <yves.raimond@gmail.com>

The context is that one of the creator of the MO ontology has written to
us, but not to the list (to avoid spam).
Please, find below my answer already sent to him and now sent to the
list with his email removed ...
I will consider now that all discussion should take place on the list.



Dear Frederik,

> NOTE: sorry not having put this on the W3 list, but I don't want to get spam
> from there.

I understand, but your email address already gives 6 results in google
[1] from your
post on the simile or the rdf-in-xhtml mailling lists.

> My first question is: to which use case are you all referring to? (sorry but I
> didn't have the time to read as many archives I would like).

The use case mentionned is currently drafted in the wiki page [2]. It
will be part
of a general document showing some interoperability problems when using
multimedia formats. In particular, this use case will try to show how
can benefit from using both high level metadata (a la ID3 tags) and
automatically extracted from audio files that might be represented using
ther kind
of formats (traditionally MPEG-7).

> Well, a couple of things here. First of all, it would be important that MO get
> more information about that use case. In fact, we are searching for such use
> case because we need to find how people will use the ontology to make sure that
> it is expressive (and simple) enough. Its first use case is MusicaBrainZ (in
> fact I started to create that ontology for that only case). We are starting to
> check with the BBC how they could use it for some of their project (also related
> with musicbrainz), and we are now searching for more. THe use case you are
> referring to here seems quite interesting.

Then, stay tuned on [2] and more generally on the activities of the
Semantics Incubator Group [3].

> For your information, Yves Raimond (mostly) and I will release a new revision of
>  MO by monday. This new revision will make MO clearer on a couple of concepts
> and will remove some ambiguities.

Great, could you make an annoucement on the public mailling
once this ontology is available?

Thanks for your comment.
I will send it to the whole list after removing your email address, even
though it
think it is silly !
Best regards.



[2] http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/mmsem/wiki/Music_Use_Case
[3] http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/mmsem/

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