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Fwd: [CODE4LIB] library linked data

From: Jodi Schneider <jschneider@pobox.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 15:40:32 +0100
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Cc: Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan@nd.edu>
Some comments from Eric Lease Morgan, forwarded from Code4Lib:

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From: Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan@nd.edu>
Date: Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 4:08 PM
Subject: [CODE4LIB] library linked data
To: CODE4LIB@listserv.nd.edu

For the time-challanged, here are a few of my notes taken from the recently
published drafts on Library Linked Data (LLD) from the W3C. Stuff well-worth

 * DraftReportWithTransclusion - Makes the case for Linked Data in
   libraries. Distinguished between metadata elements, value
   vocabularies, and data sets. Advocated the Semantic Web as a way
   for people to "follow their nose", or, in other words, facilitate
   browse. A cool quote included, "In a sea of RDF triples, no
   developer is an island", and echoed "The best thing to do with
   your data will be thought of by somebody else." Was aptly
   critical of the professions slowness to change, lack of the
   necessary resources, and top-down approach to standards creation.
   Contrasted library metadata as record-based and Web metadata as
   graph based. [1]

 * LLD Vocabularies and Datasets - Enumerated various
   library-related metadata element sets, value vocabularies, and
   datasets. In combination, these thing support the creation,
   maintenance, ad use of Library Linked Data (LLD). I was
   pleasantly surprised at the number of items in each enumeration.
   The next step is to put them into practice to a greater degree.

 * UseCaseReport - Outlined a number of use cased for Library
   Linked Data, including: bibliographic, authority, vocabulary
   alignment, archives, citations, digital objects, collections, and
   social networks. The list of possible use cases was quite long
   demonstrating the great potential usefulness of LLD. [3]

[1] draft report - http://bit.ly/jtPrL0
[2] vocabularies - http://bit.ly/ksioyK
[3] use cases - http://bit.ly/m7Lf0A

Eric Lease Morgan
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