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Re: Draft: Executive Summary

From: Emmanuelle Bermes <manue@figoblog.org>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 19:30:24 +0200
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To: Jodi Schneider <jodi.schneider@deri.org>
Cc: public-xg-lld <public-xg-lld@w3.org>
Hi Karen & all,

I propose some rewriting on the first paragraph of the executive summary,
trying to make it both shorter and more easily understandable to an outsider
(for instance I think the quotes for the phrase extracted from the charter
are irrelevant here). Also I tried to reflect the broader scope of our
definition of Libraries.


This is the report of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group. Working
from May 2010 until August 2011, the group was given the charge to "...help
increase global interoperability of library data on the Web, by bringing
together people involved in Semantic Web activities—focusing on Linked
Data—in the library community and beyond, building on existing initiatives,
and identifying collaboration tracks for the future."

The reason for the existence of this group at this time is the great
interest in sharing bibliographic data on the Web using Linked Data
technologies. For this to be successful it will be necessary to publish
library data on the web using semantic web standards.

I propose:

The W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group worked from May 2010 until
August 2011, this final report being the main outcome of this activity. The
mission of the incubator group was to help increase global interoperability
of library data on the Web. At this time, libraries and other cultural
heritage or memory institutions, including museums and archives, show a
great interest in sharing data on the Web. Existing use cases and library
applications showcase the benefits of adopting Semantic Web standards and
Linked Data principles, in order to publish valuable information assets that
library create and curate, such as bibliographic data, lists of concepts,
names, persons, etc.

What do you think ?

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 3:05 PM, Jodi Schneider <jodi.schneider@deri.org>wrote:

> It's very good to have a start on this! I think what's there is rather
> discouraging, particularly in the summary of analysis. Unfortunately I don't
> have time to look closer and possibly fix it -- but perhaps someone else can
> push further the start Karen has given us?
> I'm not sure whether, for our readers, Linked Data is obvious as a starting
> point -- so I'd rather that we talk about "great interest in sharing
> bibliographic data on the Web" rather than the "great interest in sharing
> bibliographic data on the Web using Linked Data technologies". This is a
> pretty significant change so I didn't just make it!
> -Jodi
> On 11 Aug 2011, at 15:35, Karen Coyle wrote:
> There is now a very drafty Executive Summary in the transcluded report.
> This should stimulate a discussion of what information should be included in
> the ExecSum. Please read and comment.
> Our goal is to keep the ExecSum within a single page, so be aware that any
> information included in this section must be very succinct. However, there
> is room for expansion as the current draft is especially short.
> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/lld/wiki/ExecutiveSummary
> --
> Karen Coyle
> kcoyle@kcoyle.net http://kcoyle.net
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