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RE: R13. Web application author should have ability to customize speech recognition graphical user interface

From: Michael Bodell <mbodell@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 07:23:40 +0000
To: Bjorn Bringert <bringert@google.com>, "Olli@pettay.fi" <Olli@pettay.fi>
CC: Dan Burnett <dburnett@voxeo.com>, "public-xg-htmlspeech@w3.org" <public-xg-htmlspeech@w3.org>
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I think there is something here that is missing if we just drop it which is that the graphical user interface for the speech recognition may be different for different web applications even in the same user agent and that we should not, where possible, bake in one user interface as much as possible.  Maybe a requirement that says something like "Web application authors should have no limits to their ability to customize the graphical user interface for speech recognition, except for those limitations which are necessary for security reasons"?  A better wording is likely possible, but I think that is the idea we should be capturing.

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As Olli says, this requirement can't be fully compatible with our requirements that the user must be notified when recording occurs. If the web app could customize everything about the recognition UI, it could make the notification invisible.


On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Olli Pettay <Olli.Pettay@helsinki.fi> wrote:
> Because of possible security reasons, some customization may not be 
> possible, some may.
> In other words, web app author must not be able to control everything 
> in the speech GUI.
> R13 has two parts. One is the "include a clickable graphic to invoke 
> speech recognition", the other one is "indicate the progress of the 
> recognition through various states".
> It is the first one which *may* need to be limited a bit.
> And the latter one is already implicitly handled in the requirement 
> for different kinds of events.
> -Olli
> On 12/08/2010 12:39 PM, Dan Burnett wrote:
>> Group,
>> This is the next of the requirements to discuss and prioritize based 
>> on our ranking approach [1].
>> This email is the beginning of a thread for questions, discussion, 
>> and opinions regarding our first draft of Requirement 13 [2].
>> Please discuss via email as we agreed at the Lyon f2f meeting.
>> Outstanding points of contention will be discussed live at an 
>> upcoming teleconference.
>> -- dan
>> [1]
>> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-htmlspeech/2010Oct/0024

>> .html
>> [2]
>> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-htmlspeech/2010Oct/att-

>> 0001/speech.html#r13

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