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Re: [EMOXG] Use Case 3 Requirements Analysis

From: Kostas Karpouzis <kkarpou@cs.ntua.gr>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 14:38:22 +0200
Message-ID: <4565963E.406@cs.ntua.gr>
To: Ian Wilson <ian@emotion.ai>
CC: public-xg-emotion@w3.org

Hi Ian, everybody,

I was wondering if it lies within the scope of UC3 to deal with how to 
go from the 'output events' label to actual low-level (FAP, AU, etc.) 
values. If it's not, then I suppose that this is a link to an external 
file/data source/URI, right?


Ian Wilson wrote:
> I have compiled an analysis of requirements from the suggestions or use case 3.
> This use case has requirements that are very similar to those described in the
> EARL specification.
> For all those members who have registered interest in use case 3 discussions
> (Jianhua and myself, Marc, Enrico, Jean-Claude, Paolo, Alejandra, Hannes,
> Catherine and Kostas) please look over the list for the following points:
> 1. Which items do you think should be cut from the set (if any)?
> 2. Which items do you think should be added to the set (if any)?
> 3. For requirements that you specified in the original set:
>    a. Have I interpreted them correctly?
>    b. Should they be listed differently?
> These questions should be enough for us to start I think. If you have any other
> ideas let me know, thanks.
> Best,
> Ian
> Emotion AI
> www.emotion.ai
> blog.emotion.ai
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