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Discussion on requirements for the use case "Annotation of emotional data"

From: Jean-Claude MARTIN <martin@limsi.fr>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 00:14:12 +0100
Message-ID: <455507C4.7090801@limsi.fr>
To: public-xg-emotion@w3.org
CC: Laurence Devillers <Laurence.Devillers@limsi.fr>
Dear all,

We would like you to contribute to the discussion about the requirements
for the use case: "Use case 1: Annotation of emotional data"
This should take you just a few minutes to answer the 3 questions below.


1) Do you think that the summary of requirements for the annotation of
emotional data that we attach to this mail is covers the needs for the 
annotation of emotional data?

Following Marc's suggestion, we tried to summarize the 39 requirements 
from http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/emotion/wiki/UseCases 
We have kept only the ones we think are central to the representation of 
Our goal here is to start discussion about which requirement is 
absolutely required, which covers several use cases, which requirement 
is missing...

Please note that we do not want to define a structure for representing 
or context features (other than the ones that we propose in the attached).
Instead we focus on the representation of emotion and provide slots for
links to external descriptions of behaviors or context features.

2) Do you have any comments on the use cases : should we add some ? any 
unclear issue?

3) Laurence also proposes to add two other sub use cases examples:
Do you agree that we add them ?
- one in the use case "emotional speech annotation" on call center data 
annotation (real-life data, the scheme includes emotion labels and
dimensions, dialog acts and other contextual dimensions (role 
(agent/caller), topic, etc.),
- the second concerns a emotional fiction data annotation (the study 
focuses on "Fear", the annotation scheme includes emotion labels,
dimensions and threat (events) and time of threat (latent, immediate, ...).

    Best regards,

Jean-Claude MARTIN & Laurence DEVILLERS

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