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Re: [humanitarian-ict] A poll on Disaster Management Systems

From: Carl Reed <creed@opengeospatial.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:50:37 -0700
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To: "Chamindra de Silva" <chamindra@opensource.lk>, <humanitarian-ict@yahoogroups.com>, "public-xg-eiif" <public-xg-eiif@w3.org>

Chamindra -

I sent an email to the OGC membership looking for deployed, operational 
EM/DM applications. I will be sending the information as OGC members send it 
to me.

The first to arrive is from Taiwan - I saw a demonstration of this system - 
very impressive. Debris flow is a major issue in Taiwan - especially during 
typhoon season.



Name of System: Debris Flow Disaster Information system

This system has been implementing for 10 years, the main purpose of this 
project is to adopt the typical 4 phases disaster management concept into 
debris flow disaster management, and we add the fifth phase "lesson learned" 
after "recovery" phase.

There are 17 fixed(unmovable) real-time observation stations deployed at the 
high potential debris flow river, and 3 mobile observation stations which 
can be deployed fast than fixed stations, have more mobility and 
accessibility. Those stations transmit real time data(precipitation, water 
level, earth vibration, images..) to the database, then, several models 
developed by academics analyses and gives the suggestions to decision 

Once disaster happens to the villages, there is another application which 
can dispatch and manage the resources of rescues. In the recovery phases, a 
another system will deal with those engineering projects, so called 
"recovery projects management systems", all information related to recovery 
projects, project location, budget, schedule, firms for example, will be 
organized and managed well.

Finally, all information and experiences gained during the previous 4 phases 
will be feedback into the fifth phase "lessons learned". Some scientific 
models, standard operation procedure and even the allocation of facilities 
will be refined.

Type / Scope / Phase:
Application Architecture:  (Portal or Web App or Desktop App)

Portal for common/entry level users, especially for those who concern the 
real time information.

Web Apps are for the officer who are on duty, no matter they are observers 
or analysts, however, those web applications are only for internal usage.
License: (Proprietary or Freeware or Free and Open Source, etc)

The whole architecture integrates commercial software(ESRI ArcIMS, ESRI 
ArcSDE,Oracle, SQL Server,.) and software developed from scratch.
Project Goals:

The goals are

1.  avoid the casualties caused by debris flow

2.  record all information during the lifecyle of disaster

3.  give the rational suggestions to decision maker to make response 
decisions well

4.  manage the recovery projects

5.  capture those natural data when debris flow occurs in order to support 
the further research of debris flow.

6.  To interoperate with heterogeneous systems or information to meet the 
requirement of disaster management.

Current Features / Functionality :

1.    Receive real time data from observation stations automatically

2.    Response phase management(time shift, sign in/out, event report.)

3.    1TB GIS database

4.    Automatic SMS and fax transmission

5.    Early warning for debris flow

6.    Rescue resources dispatching and management

7.    Recovery projects management

8.    Historical typhoon routes matching

9.    Disaster information report via VSAT/mobile phone and google earth

Standards Implemented:  (e.g. EDXL, CAP)

OGC WMS, OGC WFS, OASIS WS-security, OGF OGSA(to be decided), OGC WPS(to be 
decided), OGC SWE(part of SensorML and SOS).
Version / Date Evaluated:
Significant Deployments / Users :

1.    Central Disaster Response Center

2.    Local Disaster Response Center

3.    The public

Managing Organization / Structure:

Developed by GIS Center, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Main Sponsors, Partners:

Soil and Water Conservation Bureau(SWCB), Committee of Agriculture, Taiwan.

http://246.swcb.gov.tw Chinese only.

Lan-Kun(peter) Chung
GIS Center, Feng Chia University

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From: "Chamindra de Silva" <chamindra@opensource.lk>
To: <humanitarian-ict@yahoogroups.com>; "public-xg-eiif" 
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:01 PM
Subject: Re: [humanitarian-ict] A poll on Disaster Management Systems

> I see a few of you have updated the tables. Thanks for doing that,
> however I do realize that the WIKI syntax might not familiar for most,
> so if you find it easier to send me the data to the following fields,
> I will do the rest and upload it to the WIKI.
> Again it would be best to get the data from those who actually have
> access and use these systems. Here are the fields that are being
> captured for each system:
> Name of System:
> Summary:
> Type / Scope / Phase:
> Application Architecture:  (Portal or Web App or Desktop App)
> License: (Proprietary or Freeware or Free and Open Source, etc)
> Project Goals:
> Current Features / Functionality :
> Standards Implemented:  (e.g. EDXL, CAP)
> Version / Date Evaluated:
> Significant Deployments / Users :
> Managing Organization / Structure:
> Main Sponsors, Partners:
> Links:
> chamindra de silva
> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Chamindra de Silva
> <chamindra@opensource.lk> wrote:
>> I have created placeholders (tables) for each project that was
>> nominated in the EIIF WIKI. This makes 26 (!) projects in all, which
>> should serve as a good reference for anyone looking for disaster
>> management solutions in the future.
>> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/eiif/wiki/EMSystems
>> Please do join me in adding data into these tables, especially on the
>> ones you work with regularly and have access to.
>> I have done the table for Sahana as that is the one I am most familiar
>> with, but you can use that as an example on the kind of data we are
>> expecting to capture at this initial stage. Don't worry if you do not
>> have all the information on the project. Something is better than
>> nothing at this stage and helps us incrementally get there.
>> thanks,
>> chamindra de silva
>> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
>> On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Chamindra de Silva
>> <chamindra@opensource.lk> wrote:
>>> Hi Olivier,
>>> Absolutely no problem promoting your cause. To keep the assessment
>>> very focused I would prefer if we stick to disaster management
>>> systems, however there are plenty of generic tools that can be used in
>>> the service of disaster management. If the tool helps improve the
>>> disaster management efforts in the short or long term, I would
>>> certainly include it in this list. I think Dynamic COMPAS fits that
>>> criteria so I have added it to the list.
>>> chamindra de silva
>>> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
>>> 2009/1/22 Olivier Sarrat <osarrat@urd.org>:
>>>> Hi Chamindra,
>>>> I don't like to promote my own cause, but you can add to the list the
>>>> Dynamic COMPAS (more information available at:
>>>> http://www.compasqualite.org/en/index/index.php ).
>>>> It is more a quality management software for humanitarian projects than 
>>>> a
>>>> Disaster Management software, but I suggest it because I don't know how 
>>>> much
>>>> your poll is open on all software which help the management of 
>>>> humanitarian
>>>> projects.
>>>> I can provide more information to you if required.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Olivier.
>>>> Chamindra de Silva a écrit :
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I am still looking for more applicable system for the evaluation. Let
>>>> me know what you think of the following list. Are they popular?
>>>> relevant? Have I missed a significant item:
>>>> * UN Reliefweb
>>>> * CrowdSourcing Crisis Information System
>>>> * UN OCHA Who is Doing What Where
>>>> * Risepak
>>>> * Sahana
>>>> * DMIS Disaster Management Information System
>>>> * Federal Emergency Management Information System
>>>> * UN Virtual OSOCC
>>>> Already looked at the OCHA 3W and the new version looks good.
>>>> I am just classifying all of them under this meta-data for now:
>>>> Summary
>>>> Type / Scope / Phase
>>>> Standards Implemented
>>>> Key Features
>>>> Significant Deployments
>>>> Links
>>>> Not making any deep assessments for the first iteration. Again send me
>>>> any system I may have missed please
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Chamindra
>>>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Chamindra de Silva
>>>> <chamindra@opensource.lk> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Olivier,
>>>>> 2009/1/12 Olivier Sarrat <osarrat@urd.org>:
>>>>>> I should meet them to know more about this, but the meeting is always
>>>>>> postponed due to more urgent matters... Maybe I could send you a 
>>>>>> report
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> you Chamindra, after I managed to meet them (possibly in february).
>>>>> Yes please do and I would appreciate if everyone can share
>>>>> systems/portals/products that you are aware of for disaster and
>>>>> emergency management. If adding it directly to the WIKI is a hassle,
>>>>> appreciate if you can just share a link (and if possible with some of
>>>>> the meta data identified in the template).
>>>>> thanks,
>>>>> chamindra de silva
>>>>> http://chamindra.googlepages.com
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