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Re: [iaem-list] Twitter for situational awareness, & use of disastertags

From: Gavin Treadgold <gt@kestrel.co.nz>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:15:15 +1300
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I think a good place to discuss the development of these tags further  
is the Emergency Information Interoperability Framework Incubator  
Group as part of the W3C.


A project is already well underway working on identifying current  
standards for interoperability, as well as gaps where more work is  
required. The real value of tags for social networks such as those  
proposed for twitter and other social networking sites so that EM  
information systems could actually contain spiders to search social  
networking sites and then capture that information to the EMIS with  
links back to the original source. This would allow automated capture  
of the information, and make some of it machine readable.

The issue of organisations using their own message space can be  
relatively easily solved if there is a schema that can map from the  
public interoperability namespace through to the private (e.g.  
military or Red Cross) namespace.

I would hope that any tags are not developed in isolation, and that  
they should be developed to work with other elements of information  
interoperability for emergency management. I'd welcome anyone  
interested in discussing this further, and in more detail, to join the  
EIIF email list. It is a public list, and open to anyone interested -  
we'd love to have a few more EM practitioners on board to balance out  
the IT geeks ;)

The public list archives and subscription link is available here.

Cheers Gavin

Gavin Treadgold - Director
gt@kestrel.co.nz - M +64 21 679 335
Christchurch Office - New Zealand - P +64 3 343 6169 - F +64 3 343 6161
Kestrel Group - Risk and Emergency Management - www.kestrel.co.nz

On 2009-01-15, at 1223, Steven McGee wrote:

> IAEM Discussion Group:
> and if you map those disaster tags to the 3 and 4 digit codes of the  
> structured military messaging world, then use the hybrid of the two  
> as triggers
> to instantiate alert cascades to the three main domains: military,  
> DHS, and the commercial first respond community, then we would be  
> making progress.
> As an example, NORAD alerts that flow through the PSAPS are in a  
> different format than what is used to communicate to the military  
> jets....   like in the
> 9/11 scenario....    then again, the World Bank representative at  
> the ICCS 2008 conference stated that military and Red Cross  
> messaging / comms must never be mixed and must remain separate ...  
> so I guess that is that...   forget I mentioned anything....
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> From: "Eric Kant"
> To: iaem-list@iaem.com
> Subject: [iaem-list] Twitter for situational awareness, & use of  
> disastertags
> Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:55:24 -0500
> IAEM Discussion Group:
> Enabled by the use of Disaster Tags http://tinyurl.com/67qeyb we could
> better communicate with our citizens using #disastertag keywords when
> reporting eyewitness accounts of events. This could be expanded to  
> include
> data collection from any source. i.e. shelters, hospitals, Rescue,  
> Mass Care
> Direct Communications and feedback would look like the following,
> d dwtx Road Closure at I 37 Access Rd at N Port Ave Corpus
> Christi TX
> d dwtx Power Outage line at intersection Main St and Red River
> in Victoria TX
> This provides the online ability to ask questions about Hurricane  
> Ike, this
> is a real-time situational awareness tool driven by civilian input
> What is result of Hurricane Ike on power in Galveston County ?
> Answer: http://tinyurl.com/5pto4a
> What is status in Houston? Answer: http://tinyurl.com/5gmtfa
> What is result of Hurricane Ike on power in Galveston County? Answer
> http://tinyurl.com/5pto4a
> Current Status in Houston? Answer http://tinyurl.com/5gmtfa
> What is Status of power in Galveston County? Answer
> http://tinyurl.com/5pto4a
> http://tinyurl.com/56cxbg Disaster Tags Keywords for doing your own
> searching: Minor, Moderate, Severe, Roadway Closure, Power Outage,  
> Flooding
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