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RE: EM Standards List

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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:39:46 +0930
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Hi Renato, all,

Great to see this project kick-off.

Just a thought - We may need to consider what we mean by
'standard' when referencing works and developments. A
standard may be under development, promoted, implied,
adopted and/or ratified. A standard may not be 'the'
standard beyond a certain group (i.e. Firezone is the
standard emergency information and communications interface
used by 2,600 Fire Brigades and more than 70,000 response
personnel in my home state. The contained language is
arguably more of an adopted standard than some others
promoted by simple virtue of use and coverage. I think we
may need to acknowledge where and by whom certain standards
are accepted and applied). There are many such industry and
emergency sector-specific standards to consider, as there
are standards ratifying authorities.

I would also like to support Gavin's suggestion re the
importance of understanding and incorporating affiliated
(and sometimes legislatively superior) standards to this
initiative, and acknowledge that many are under development.
Eg. Prof David Cliff (QLD University) is currently leading
an ACARP funded project to improve the way information is
collected and communicated in mine and associated
emergencies (if agreeable I will invite Professor Cliff to
join this group). 

Please find listed below a few of the relevant standards
available through the International Standards Association
and SAI Global (ISO's etc.). 

IEEE 1512:2006 
Common Incident Management Message Sets for Use by Emergency
Management Centres 

ISO/IEC 19763-1:2007 
Information technology - Metamodel framework for
interoperability (MFI) 

TR 102 444 V1.1.1 (2006) : Emergency Communications (EMTEL);
Analysis of the Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell 
Broadcast Service (CBS) for Emergency Messaging
applications; Emergency Messaging; SMS and CBS

TS 102 181 V1.1.1 (2005) 
Emergency Communications (EMTEL); Requirements for
communication between authorities/organizations during

INCITS/ISO/IEC 11179-2-1999 (R2005) 
Information Technology - Specification and Standardization
of Data Elements - Part 2: Classification for Data Elements 
(formerly ANSI/ISO/IEC 11179-2:1999) 

SR 002 180 V1.1.1 (2003) 
Emergency communications Requirements for communication of
citizens with authorities/organizations in case of distress
(emergency call handling)  

ANSI INCITS 415-2006 
Homeland Security Mapping Standard – Point Symbology for
Emergency Management 

SR 002 299 V1.1.1 (2004) 
Emergency Communications; Collection of European Regulatory

TS 102 424 V1.1.1 (2005) 
Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and
Protocols for Advanced Networking (TISPAN); Requirements of
the NGN network to support Emergency Communication from
Citizen to Authority

Best regards,

Don Cameron
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