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Re: Call for Participation in F2F meeting of CWL-XG (1st Announcement)

From: Enrico Franconi <franconi@inf.unibz.it>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 16:29:13 +0200
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To: <uchida@instsec.org> <uchida@instsec.org>
I really don't understand what's going on.
There is still nothing going on in the W3C group after one year, no  
information, no discussion, not even the minutes of last year's F2F,  
even if I did ask for all this to happen nine months ago. Those  
requests are still unanswered.
Moreover, this message has not been sent to the WG members list.
How can you pretend that interested memebrs come to an F2F meeting if  
nothing has been public since last year F2F meeting, of which we  
don't know even the minutes?
Is this a personal affair?
We don't have *anything* but the charter available ;-(


> From: "Hiroshi Uchida" <uchida@undl.org>
> Date: 20 February 2007 18:33:57 GMT+01:00
> To: "'Enrico Franconi'" <franconi@inf.unibz.it>
> Cc: <yokoi@media.teu.ac.jp>, "'Hiroshi_Yasuhara'" <yasuhara- 
> hiroshi@jcom.home.ne.jp>
> Subject: RE: What's going on with this group?
> Dear Enrico
>> I have seen zero activity in this group so far.
> We are sorry for the delay of real launching of CWL-XG due to the  
> internal
> setup and globalization of necessary documents (actually the  
> translation of
> necessary documents from Japanese into English.)
>> I have just realised that there was a call for a F2F meeting
>> sent out on the public mailing list; why members of the group
>> did not receive this message? I don't see material or minutes
>> published anywhere in the group pages.
> Sorry for the long delay as well, the minites of the F2F meeting  
> will apear
> in this week.
>> Is there anybody coordinating the activities who could
>> explain where the discussions are going on?
> The necessary documents will be provided middle of March and we  
> will start
> discussion based on the actual application of CWL for some corpus and
> several situations.
> We will also have a tele-meeting very beginning of March to discuss  
> how to
> evaluate the current CWL and who will contribute to which aspect or  
> part.
> More detailed agenda will be announced soon.
> By the way, if you do not mind,I would like to know in which  
> aspect  of this
> XG you are interesting.
> Best regards
> Hiroshi Uchida
> Chair, CWL-XG


> From: "Hiroshi Uchida" <uchida@undl.org>
> Date: 22 February 2007 08:23:42 GMT+01:00
> To: "'Enrico Franconi'" <franconi@inf.unibz.it>
> Cc: <yokoi@media.teu.ac.jp>, "'Hiroshi_Yasuhara'" <yasuhara- 
> hiroshi@jcom.home.ne.jp>, <member-xg-cwl@w3.org>
> Subject: RE: What's going on with this group?
> Dear Enrico
>> Sure, but I expect this discussion to happen on the group
>> list, so that everybody will be aware of the various
>> interests and expertises :-) Probably you could call for a
>> round of introductions by the group members, after the
>> coordinators have intorduced themselves, and they have put
>> some more material online to have some common background.
> O.K. I will do.
>> By the way, apparently there is only 1 person - apart from us
>> - in the group who are neither among the coordinators, nor
>> one of the invited experts by them. Is there any plan to have
>> a more representative group?
> I have some plans and actually making a call for participation, but  
> if you
> have some ideas, please let me know.
>> Anyway, a first quick answer to your question.
>> First of all, I was puzzled by the statement in the charter:
>> "The CDL (Concept Description Language) is a language
>> proposed by ISeC for Semantic Computing (SeC) R&D. CDL is
>> fundamental language within SeC (Semantic Computing)
>> framework. CDL describes semantic/ conceptual structure of
>> contents (resources). On the other hand, XML annotates
>> syntactic structures of contents, and RDF/OWL describes
>> properties of resources (contents). Structure description and
>> property description are utterly different but complementary
>> as well.
>> Therefore, CDL and RDF/OWL are complementary. Accordingly, in
>> developing of CDL, the environment of RDF/OWL will be
>> utilized and the implementation method in RDF/OWL will be
>> also proposed."
>> As an expert in the foundations and the practice of ontology
>> languages, OWL, and RDF, I'd like to contribute to the
>> formalisation of the approach in CWL with respect to the know
>> W3C standards (i.e., RDF and OWL).
> Very good.
>> Moreover, given our expertise in the relationships between
>> ontology languages and natural languages in various contexts,
>> we could provide interesting foundational insights on the
>> topic refferred in the charter as: "The CDL.nl redesigned the
>> UNL specifications in the CDL language".
> O.K. I will provide the specification of CDL.nl with real top  
> ontology in 2
> weeks. It will be a good basis for your avtivity.
> Best regards
> Uchida

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