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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:41:17 -0500
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After review of the 4-4-07 minutes, it's clear to me now that I cannot satisfy ACTION-182 with the FSTC recommendations.  Nonetheless, Dan Schutzer has kindly agreed to submit the subset of FSTC's suggested browser enhancements that are most applicable to WSC.
It appears ACTION-182 stems from my Lightning Discussion on 4 April about the cryptic IE6 browser errors that I received when I encountered a self-signed SSL certificate at the www.x9.org web site.  According to my notes, as well as the official meeting notes from Thomas, we had a lively discussion about the security anti patterns implied by such browser error messages.  In particular I captured the following possible anti patterns in my notes:
1. Use of technical jargon containing terms with which the average layperson is not familiar.
2. Providing a web site's URL as the only contact info for it. (creates "catch-22" dilemma for user)
3. Actions suggested can't really be carried out.
4. Consequences or risks of user actions not explained.
These are the [anti-]recommendations I propose we adopt.  Anticipating comment, I haven't yet updated the wiki.  Cheers Mike


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Subject: RE: ACTION-182

I'm discussing next steps with Chuck Wade and Dan Schutzer.  Thanks, Mike


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Subject: Re: ACTION-182

Hi Michale, 

The action includes extracting a draft of the related recommendations and putting it into the wiki. The FSTC browser document can't be that (as was pointed out, I think by Chuck, during our last call). The only way not to lose the content of the discussion is for you to draft some recommendations for us. 


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I believe this action can be closed since I facilitated a discussion of TLS issues during a Lighting Round on 11 April plus I posted FSTC browser enhancements (including TLS recommendations) to the Recommendations page on 3 April.  Thanks, Mike 

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