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Enumeration state tables

From: Gilbert Pilz <gilbert.pilz@oracle.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 16:31:29 -0700
Message-ID: <4AAADDD1.1040905@oracle.com>
To: "public-ws-resource-access@w3.org" <public-ws-resource-access@w3.org>
Attached is the first draft of the state tables for WS-Enumeration. 
Overall this was pretty straightforward. The one thing I'm not sure 
about is, when the Consumer is in the "Releasing" state (having sent a 
wsen:Release request) and it receives a fault that is not 
wsen:InvalidEnumerationContext it seems that the Consumer has no choice 
but to assume the request wasn't processed and the Enumeration is still 
in the "Created" state.

While working on these state tables it occurred to me that the issues 
around expiration representation and expiration negotiation that we are 
discussing for WS-Eventing are also issues for WS-Enumeration.

- gp

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