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RE: WSDL example as per F2F action item

From: Martin Chapman <martin.chapman@oracle.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:47:49 +0100
To: "'Furniss, Peter'" <Peter.Furniss@choreology.com>, "'Steve Ross-Talbot'" <steve@enigmatec.net>, "'WS-Choreography List'" <public-ws-chor@w3.org>
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actually c is not really acturate in the precense of out-only
operations. the interface is *described* from <rolea> perspective, but
there has to be an interface at <roleb> to receive the out-only

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>Sent: 11 October 2004 11:13
>To: Steve Ross-Talbot; WS-Choreography List
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>Subject: RE: WSDL example as per F2F action item
>The pattern suggested here would seem reasonable, but we 
>really need to find some alternatives to "from" and "to" as  
>attribute names for participate, as I think was said in one of 
>the earlier discussions.  The problem is most of the 
>alternative word-pairs have other connotations that aren't 
>helpful.  Some possible pairs:
>a) from - to
>b) client - server
>c) user - interface
>d) initiator - responder
>e) user - service
>Since the operation and its especially the direction of its 
>actions are explictily references to an interface definition, 
>I lean to c), making obvious the sense that "this interaction 
>is defined from a perspective where <rolea> provides the 
>interface, and the other side is <roleb>"
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>> Subject: WSDL example as per F2F action item
>> Please can we schedule time on the next call to discuss (from Gary).
>> Cheers
>> Steve T
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