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Re: Coordinated Choreographies Proposal 1 - coordination attribute

From: Monica J. Martin <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 10:44:01 -0800
To: Haugen Robert <Robert.Haugen@choreology.com>, Tony Fletcher <tony.fletcher@choreology.com>
Cc: public-ws-chor@w3.org
Message-id: <418FBE71.9090401@sun.com>

>Haugen: Coordinated Choreographies WS-CDL Spec Changes
>Plain text inline, pdf to come Monday, word.doc sent on request.
>Insert before "The relationship element within the choreography
>The optional coordination attribute specifies whether a Choreography
>guarantees that all involved roles agree on how it ended: that is, if
>the Choreography ended successfully or suffered an exception, and if the
>Choreography specified more than one Finalizer, which Finalizer
mm1: My point in making this explicit is that it may be inferred this 
conflicts with your later section on finalizer (see below).

>.... 1.2. Choreography coordination (coordination="true") provides a
>larger unit of coordination - a set of Interactions that end with shared
>knowledge among the parties that their business relationship is in a
>defined state: for example, contract agreement. Again, this is a
>requirement stated in the CDL that the binding will have to ensure. Such
>a unit need not be aligned at each step (though it could be) - it is
>only required that a clear alignment point is made at the end of the
>Choreography. Alignment via coordination means that:.....
mm1: It is not appropriate to reference business contractual agreements 
here and I would request any reference be deleted. Suggest you change to:

Choreography coordination (coordination="true") provides a
larger unit of coordination - a set of Interactions that end with shared
knowledge among the parties that their relationship is in a
defined state......

>....3. Coordinated Choreographies:
>  3.1.	WS-CDL Choreographies may specify coordination="true", which
>means the Choreography guarantees that all involved roles will agree on
>how it ends.  If an exception occurs, all roles will experience an
>exception.  If a Choreography specifies more than one Finalizer, all
>roles will experience the same Finalizer.
mm1: See comment above.
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