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Re: Technical and Business Contracts (was RE: Revised: Mission Statement)

From: Haugen Robert <Robert.Haugen@choreology.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 19:19:20 +0100
Message-ID: <221369570DEDF346AE42821041345E8916220D@exchange1.corp.choreology.com>
To: <public-ws-chor@w3.org>

Tony Fletcher wrote:
> It is entirely possible that those who attended the F2F 
> agreed that we should work only on the technical contract aspects
> (although I doubt that Bob Haugen bought into that view as such!)

Two responses:

1. I laid out some "graduated degrees of 'contract-ness'" here:

I think the following two are both appropriate for this group, 
and they are both technical:

* A programming contract, as in Design By Contract.
(Or, the contract offered by a particular Web service).

* A choreography as an agreement between business partners as to how
they will conduct electronic commerce (or some other collaboration).

I think this latter kind of contract is central to this group,
but don't know who would agree.

2. I think the other degrees of contract-ness are necessary to do
business, but have never expected this group to get into them.  

If so, things could get interesting (in the sense of "interesting
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