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Removal of Source Endpoint (wsa:From) - Feedback

From: Ganapathy, Arunkumar <Arunkumar.Ganapathy@Gateway.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 17:17:59 -0600
Message-ID: <01848DEAF6DF634A8031DFB31B5FB3A203A602D5@NSWMSX201.gateway.com>
To: <public-ws-addressing@w3.org>
While reviewing the W3C Candidate Recommendation and the editor's copy
of WS-Addressing specification, I have come across an editor's note that
is somewhat surprising to me.  It states that "The working group is
considering removing the wsa:From element due to lack of use-cases and
seeks feedback on this decision."  I wanted to provide some feedback in
support of NOT removing the wsa:From. 
Even though there are many different use-cases that I could think of at
this point, "Partner Identification" in a B2B scenario is one such
use-case that I would like to mention. In most B2B applications,
identifying the sending partner is always a requirement in order to
secure the business transaction between the involved partners. 
In a one-way conversation between B2B partners, the wsa:From could be
used to identify the sending partner. Even in case of asynchronous
request-response scenario, wsa:From is the only way to identify the
sending partner since the wsa:ReplyTo and wsa:FaultTo information could
not be used to identify the sending partner as the EPR of ReplyTo and
FaultTo might point to a different partner's address. 
Also most transport mechanisms carry the "From" information in some form
today and if WS-Addressing is providing transport-neutral mechanism to
address web services, then it MUST support wsa:From. Otherwise,
transport binding of EPR might fail if the underlying transport supports
and mandates the "From" information.

Arunkumar Ganapathy

Chief Engineer

Gateway Inc.

7565 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine CA 92618

Office: (949)471-7116

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