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Re: New Issue: use XSD to describe the syntax [i032]

From: Mark Nottingham <mark.nottingham@bea.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 11:49:20 -0800
Message-Id: <9CDFA070-3351-11D9-9807-000A95BD86C0@bea.com>
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To: Rich Salz <rsalz@datapower.com>

Thanks, Rich.

This is now issue 32

To me, the most apparent questions here are;

   a) Should we describe the specification using XML Schema?
   b) Should such a schema replace the "pseudo-schema"?
   c) Should such a schema be normative?
   d) Should such a schema be developed alongside the spec, or should we 
wait until the spec is more stable (i.e., is someone willing to track 
the spec)?

Would you agree?

Mark Nottingham   Principal Technologist
Office of the CTO   BEA Systems
Received on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 19:49:26 UTC

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