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Re: Moving forward with web education work

From: Çağlar Yeşilyurt <greench@myopera.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 15:33:38 +0200
To: "Chris Mills" <cmills@opera.com>
Cc: public-webed@w3.org
Message-ID: <op.v8qvyczka0ew4h@caglar-n61vg>
Hi Chris,

I am busy with web education in Turkey. :) Turkey is a terrible place  
about web education because there are no significant movements and there  
is no common language. Some talented web developers share some articles  
about web technologies. However, they are not suitable for the education.  
I brought some people together in this group. We are working on creating a  
terminology list for common language. After it is finished, we will start  
to translate materials on wiki. They will be published on same wiki. I  
cannot give you when it will finish.

Apart from that, I contacted some web communities and web developers  
individually. This project seems to be shaped slowly but strongly.

Çağlar Yeşilyurt
Opera Turkey

On Fri, 27 Jan 2012 12:51:41 +0200, Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com> wrote:

> Wow, I am quite surprised by the deafening silence after this mail -  
> only one person replied.
> I think I will take the silence as an agreement that I need to micro  
> manage this a bit more, and start handing out more specific tasks to  
> people.
> I will start contacting you individually and asking you how much time  
> you currently have, and how much you would be prepared to do. in the  
> near future. Again, I appreciate that most people here are doing this in  
> their own time, so I will be gentle with you ;-)
> Best regards, and please get in touch if you have any questions or  
> worries.
> thanks,
> Chris
> On 13 Jan 2012, at 14:21, Chris Mills wrote:
>> Hello all!
>> I hope the new year is treating you well.
>> Today I wanted to discuss something important with you - moving forward  
>> with this whole project, and the best way to do so.
>> I think it is becoming clear that the way I have tried to run this so  
>> far has not been very successful - people are finding it hard to engage  
>> and contribute. Some people have told me this explicitly. So, how best  
>> to proceed?
>> Broadly what we want out of this is:
>> 1. Useful discussions pertaining to web education
>> 2. Sharing and development of ideas/methodologies that will be useful  
>> to educators and students
>> 3. Creation and sharing of learning resources, including tutorials,  
>> references and curricula.
>> 4. Outreach to as many relevant educators and students as possible, so  
>> they can all benefit
>> 5. [Add your own, if you think I've missed anything]
>> At the moment the tools we have available are mailing lists and a Wiki,  
>> pretty much, plus the usual communication tools we use every day. What  
>> I would most like to do in the short term is:
>> 1. Get people writing/updating/editing/proof reading learning material  
>> and curricula
>> 2. Get people working on outreach initiatives to spread the world about  
>> this material
>> 3. Get the non-native-English communities to start working on  
>> translations and outreach to their particular communities.
>> What do people need to be able to do this more successfully? Do we need  
>> different tools? Do I need to start micromanaging a bit more, and  
>> handing out more specific tasks and deadlines to people, eg "proof read  
>> article x in the next couple of weeks"?
>> Let me know what you think everyone.
>> thanks! ;-)
>> Chris Mills
>> Open standards evangelist and dev.opera.com editor, Opera Software
>> Co-chair, web education community group, W3C
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