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Re: RFC: TPAC meeting structure

From: Travis Leithead <travis.leithead@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2019 15:55:03 +0000
To: LĂ©onie Watson <tink@tink.uk>, "public-webapps@w3.org" <public-webapps@w3.org>, "lw@tetralogical.com" <lw@tetralogical.com>
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Thanks for the details. We'll happily work with what we can get 🙂.

As far as participation, we're just in the process of trying to re-invigorate this task force, so I don't have a firm grasp on how many people to expect, but likely no more than 15 or 20. I think one day is definitely enough to make good progress.

Really appreciate the help!
From: LĂ©onie Watson <lw@tetralogical.com>
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2019 8:50 AM
To: Travis Leithead <travis.leithead@microsoft.com>; LĂ©onie Watson <tink@tink.uk>; public-webapps@w3.org <public-webapps@w3.org>
Cc: public-editingtf@w3.org <public-editingtf@w3.org>; Grisha Lyukshin <Grisha.Lyukshin@microsoft.com>; Bo Cupp <pcupp@microsoft.com>
Subject: Re: RFC: TPAC meeting structure

Hello Travis,

The idea is for different breakout sessions to run in parallel, yes, but
we won't have separate spaces I'm afraid.

Timing wasn't on our side with TPAC I'm afraid. The request for meeting
rooms closed in April, and WebApps didn't charter until May. We assumed
we'd want at least one room, but didn't get much further than that.

The HTML WG was recently able to secure a meeting room for a Web
Components meeting, so there's no harm in trying our luck for an editing
meeting too. How many people do you think might participate, and would
one day be enough?


On 26/07/2019 15:59, Travis Leithead wrote:
> Hi Leonie! Thanks for driving the agenda for TPAC.
> I'd like to request a chunk of time for the Editing TF to meet and
> review new and existing work; I don't know if that's best done as part
> of the WebApps block meeting time, or if there is some smaller room for
> us to meet in (as has been done in the past). I see the agenda
> <https://nam06.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fw3c%2Fwebappswg%2Fissues%2F10&amp;data=02%7C01%7Ctravis.leithead%40microsoft.com%7C6badcae011b04107ed6108d711e10dd1%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636997530657953100&amp;sdata=9ObrYhD%2F4ZTB%2BU5USbFCGCWMEs89EceAVfW7mR7MQ7g%3D&amp;reserved=0>has unconference sessions
> planned--are some of these expected to run in parallel in different
> spaces? Just curious.
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> *From:* LĂ©onie Watson <lw@tetralogical.com>
> *Sent:* Friday, July 26, 2019 4:24 AM
> *To:* LĂ©onie Watson <tink@tink.uk>; public-webapps@w3.org
> <public-webapps@w3.org>
> *Cc:* public-editingtf@w3.org <public-editingtf@w3.org>
> *Subject:* Re: RFC: TPAC meeting structure
> With the correct Editing TF address this time.
> On 26/07/2019 12:23, LĂ©onie Watson wrote:
>> Everyone,
>> One last request for you to take a look at the proposed meeting
>> structure for TPAC
>> https://nam06.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fw3c%2Fwebappswg%2Fissues%2F10&amp;data=02%7C01%7Ctravis.leithead%40microsoft.com%7C6badcae011b04107ed6108d711e10dd1%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636997530657953100&amp;sdata=9ObrYhD%2F4ZTB%2BU5USbFCGCWMEs89EceAVfW7mR7MQ7g%3D&amp;reserved=0
>> If we don't hear anything to the contrary, we'll assume that you're ok
>> with the proposal.
>> LĂ©onie and Marcos.
>> On 02/06/2019 12:24, LĂ©onie Watson wrote:
>>> For those of you who have yet to join WebApps (and so may not be
>>> receiving Github notifications from the WG repo), please take a look
>>> at this proposed meeting structure for TPAC and let us have your
>>> comments:
>>> https://nam06.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fw3c%2Fwebappswg%2Fissues%2F10&amp;data=02%7C01%7Ctravis.leithead%40microsoft.com%7C6badcae011b04107ed6108d711e10dd1%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636997530657953100&amp;sdata=9ObrYhD%2F4ZTB%2BU5USbFCGCWMEs89EceAVfW7mR7MQ7g%3D&amp;reserved=0
>>> Thanks
>>> LĂ©onie.
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> Director @TetraLogical TetraLogical.com

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