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[Bug 20148] URLQuery interface does not handle query parameter ordering

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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 05:07:35 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Simon Kaegi <simon_kaegi@ca.ibm.com> ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Ordering isn't lost; it's just not exposed by the "get" method.  getAll lets
> you access the less common cases: repeated keys, significant ordering, and
> when you have elements that aren't key=value.  (A system I've used now and
> then is "http://url.com?foo/bar&x=y", where the first parameter is treated
> like a path.)

Hmm... perhaps I'm misunderstanding the intent of the api.

I can see how "getAll" supports repeated keys and perhaps value ordering for
the repeated key case but not overall ordering. e.g. How do I use getAll to get
the first query parameter?

Also, when outputting a URL how do I control parameter ordering for
serialization. This matters (I believe) because http://url.com?a=b&c=d and
http://url.com?c=d&a=b are treated as different URLs for caching purposes.

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