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Re: DOM Events

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 16:46:02 +0200
To: Jean-Yves Bitterlich <Jean-Yves.Bitterlich@Sun.COM>
Cc: public-webapi@w3.org
Message-ID: <9ijn035kdpnf0ok1kfja6c0e0i5cnlpb34@hive.bjoern.hoehrmann.de>

* Jean-Yves Bitterlich wrote:
>First step, I created an intstance of UIEvent with type DOMActivate by 
>DocumentEvent.createEvent("UIEvent") and UIEvent.initUIEvent(..) with 
>appropriate parameters.
>Second step, I tried to dispatch this instance of UIEvent to Comment by 
>Specification doesn't explain, what a DOM implementation SHOULD DO in 
>this case. I mean, that event target is incorrect (not suitable) in this 
>case (see column "Target node types" in the table of "information on the 
>event types" in the section 1.4.2). Also  I can't find any appropriate 
>notifications in specification for applications. Such notifications may 
>be useful for application development.

The purpose of listing the possible event targets in the specification
is to say that an implementation of only DOM Level 3 Events will not
dispatch certain event types to certain event targets unless requested
to by a DOM application. These listings are not meant to otherwise con-
strain implementations, applications, or specifications. What the DOM
implementation (must) do in the case above is dispatch the event object
to the comment node; no checking on the semantic correctness of the re-
quest to dispatch the event object is performed by the implementation.

I can update the specification to just say what I wrote above. Would
that help, or do you have a suggestion how to convey the above more
clearly in the draft?
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