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ISSUE-45: DOM3EV: Let\'s drop HTML Events

From: Web APIs Issue Tracker <dean+cgi@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 22:36:29 +0000 (GMT)
To: public-webapi@w3.org
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ISSUE-45: DOM3EV: Let's drop HTML Events


Raised by: Bjoern Hoehrmann
On product: DOM 3 Events

I would like to drop the section on HTML Events from DOM Level 3 Events.
The section attempts to clarify how the basic and user interface events
apply to HTML documents, generally just noting the elements that can be
target of the events and related DOM Level 2 HTML methods. In addition,
there is a summary table that explains how no changes are made to their
core definition, and a discussion of .isSupported, .hasFeature, etc.

This information does not belong there, it's a matter of the HTML and
XHTML specifications to clarify how the events apply to them, and what
we have at the moment isn't really different from what we have in DOM
Level 2 Events; and not very accurate at times. In addition, the module
has caused some confusion, e.g. the SVG Working Group refers to HTML
Events http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGMobile12/interact.html even though they
should refer to the relevant core modules instead. With HTML Events in
some separate document, such problems are unlikely to occur.

In any case, I don't think this is useful information to have in the
document, it's better to remove it for now and, if necessary, discuss
this in some other spec, like if and when we define .onclick attributes.
The section would then receive the amount of attention required, instead
of having it as some strange appendix that's mostly ignored by us.
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