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Interesting article from 1995 about the Eolas patent

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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 15:01:14 -0400
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Michael Doyle, chairman, chief executive and co-founder of Eolas and the
former director of the UCSF Academic Computing Center in San Francisco,
contends that his team of researchers invented the applets technology in

"Individuals involved at Netscape, Spyglass and Sun Microsystems saw our
demonstrations in 1993," Doyle says. "Our technology has been widely
discussed over the last year and we are not new players in this arena.
There's a perception that Java was there first, but that's simply not
the case."

Doyle says Eolas has been in discussions for months with user companies
regarding both the licensing of the underlying technology (which his
company has trademarked as Weblets) and associated products.  While
Eolas plans to provide royalty-free licenses to individual and academic
users of applets, commercial users would be charged for each piece of
software that uses the embedded applications. That charge could range
from 50 cents per piece of software for heavy users (on the order of 1
million units) all the way up to $5 per unit for more limited usage.
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