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Re: Microsoft should just do a license deal with Eolas

From: Ross Chappell <rosschappell@electricpeople.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 17:46:48 -0400
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>>  BTW, My reading of this situation is if Microsoft were willing to
ongoing royalities to Eolas, then no technical changes would have to
made in Internet Explorer.  The license agreement between Microsoft and
Eolas should also cover any 3rd party media player that runs in Internet
Explorer.  If such a deal were to be struck, then everyone else could go
about their business.  Ultimately these patent license fees could be
passed along to computer manufacturers who are already paying similar

fees for hardware patents <<


I suspect that this is being a bit simplistic. If Microsoft pays then
this sets a precedent whereby all other vendors could be expected to
pay. Worse, developers of web authoring, animation tools and, perhaps,
dozens of other technologies may be required to pay. At the extreme,
even operators of web sites that use these technologies could be
required to pay. Where does it end?


If they want to settle, then I would think settling on an agreement that
would pay the patent holder to place the technologies into the public
domain would be the only effective solution.


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