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RE: 1.2.4 Action item

From: Alex Li <alli@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 20:04:20 +0000
To: Peter Korn <peter.korn@oracle.com>
CC: Andi Snow-Weaver <andisnow@us.ibm.com>, "public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org" <public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org>
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Hi Peter,
I see your point.  The proposed edit works for me.
All best,

From: Peter Korn [mailto:peter.korn@oracle.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:02 PM
To: Alex Li
Cc: Andi Snow-Weaver; public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org
Subject: Re: 1.2.4 Action item


I agree with Andi.  I think the core of the problem is the word/concept "responsible" in your text, which speaks to policy (vs. focusing on technical capabilities & scope).

Here's an attempted rephrasing:
Note: while audio communications between two or more individuals is "live audio content", such content is user generated and falls outside the scope of the intent of this Success Criterion - that "real-time presentations" be captioned.



On 6/14/2012 12:15 PM, Alex Li wrote:
It is not clear to me how the text crosses to policy statement versus a note when applying the WCAG outside of intended context.  It sounds like a practical set of note to help people figure out how to delineate who can realistically take control of which portion in meeting an SC. I understand that we are all in new territory here and would be glad to adjust.  In any case, a clearer set of rules would be helpful.
All best,

From: Andi Snow-Weaver [mailto:andisnow@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 8:46 AM
To: Alex Li
Cc: public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org<mailto:public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org>
Subject: Re: 1.2.4 Action item


This seems like a policy statement which would be out of scope for WCAG?


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[Inactive              hide details for Alex Li ---06/12/2012 09:19:24 AM---Here's              my note: Call participants are content providers for call]Alex Li ---06/12/2012 09:19:24 AM---Here's my note: Call participants are content providers for call functionality between two or more p

From: Alex Li <alli@microsoft.com<mailto:alli@microsoft.com>>
To: "public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org<mailto:public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org>" <public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org<mailto:public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org>>
Date: 06/12/2012 09:19 AM
Subject: 1.2.4 Action item


Here’s my note:
Call participants are content providers for call functionality between two or more people.  Thus, the participants are responsible for arranging captions where appropriate.  This SC does not imply that all calls require captioning or rely services regardless of needs.

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