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WCAG Team A - Kickoff

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 14:51:15 -0500
To: <public-wcag-teama@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20050902194956.D958960C174@eq1.spamarrest.com>

Hi Team,

For anybody who was not in the WCAG working group call, we are
restructuring ourselves as we head toward bringing all of the pieces of
the guidelines together.  Instead of having a single task force working
on techniques reporting to the working group which is working on 
guidelines, we are dividing up the entire working group plus task force
members into 3 task forces.  Each one will be tackling a guideline from
end to end.  That is, from the guidelines and success criteria all the
way through the guide doc and technique doc to the tests.

Since the guidelines, guide docs and techniques will all be atomic (that 
is, they will all be small documents that deal just with a guideline, 
success criterion or technique), we should be able to more easily create
guidelines and support documents that are integrated from top to bottom.

In creating the teams, we tried to divide them so that they represented 
a balance across different backgrounds and expertise as well as try to 
sort them so that people from similar geographic areas were on similar
teams so that we did not stretch people from one end of the world to the
other (making it impossible to find times for teleconference calls etc.).

You have been nominated to serve on Team A. The participants of our team
are: Gregg Vanderheiden (lead) Ben Caldwell (associate lead), Roberto
Castaldo, Kerstin Goldsmith, Alex Li, Gez Lemon, David MacDonald, Sebastiano
Nutarelli, Chris Ridpath, Neil Soiffer, Christophe Strobbe, Bruno von Niman.
You can find more information about the task forces and team at [1].

We have been assigned guideline 3.2 [2]. Here is the current state:

    - There are 21 open issues [3]
    - No guide documents have been drafted for this guideline.
    - No general technqiues have been drafted for this guidelines.
    - 4 technology-specific techniques relate to this guideline. [4]
    - A variety of techniques were harvested during a teleconference. [5]
    - There are 4 HTML tests related to this guideline. [6]

We have also been given our own mailing list to carry out our 
discussions. The address for this mailing list is 

I think the first thing we should do is to fill out our templates as 
best we can.  That is, what do we know about this guideline, its 
techniques, etc.  We are just heading into the weekend but if everyone 
could post the following things back to this list, I would appreciate it.

1. Any techniques that you think could apply to any success criteria.
(It does not have to be a full technique, it can just be a phrase or a
hint or something you think should be done.  Techniques should be in the
"ING" form.  That is "using blah blah blah" or "providing blah blah blah.")

2. Any revisions to existing techniques, proposals for addressing issues 
or work that has already been done that is not already listed in the 
status above.  If you could post it, that would be great.  If you could 
put it into the correct format, that would be even greater.  A 
description of the new format with links to templates can be found at [7].

3. If there are any additional tests that would relate to techniques for 
this, please post them.  Again, posting them is great.  Posting them in 
the form of the templates is superb.

4. Any concerns or comments about the guideline.

I would like everyone to do at least one of these things before next
Tuesday night.  It would be great if you could do them right away and
get them out of the way.  I set it for Tuesday night so that if some of
you get this note just as you are heading out for Labor Day weekend, you
can still hit it when you get back. Again, it does not have to be
much, just get your thoughts rolling and pop something out to the list.

Final thing is that we need to find a time to meet. I would like
everybody to post to the list 2 things.

1. The times of day using the EASTERN United States time zone that
work for you.  We will try to find a time that works in everybody's
availability band.

2. Give particular days or times that you can not meet on a regular

One time slot that I think is open is the old techniques time slot, but
I do not know how that fares for people in terms of time of day.  That
time slot was 10 a.m. (EST) Wednesday mornings.  We could also meet on 
Monday or Tuesday morning, but I think Monday is too early in the week.


[1] Team Info  <http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/2005/09/teamtf.html>
[2] 3.2 Info  <http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG20/#consistent-behavior>
[3] Open Issues    <http://tinyurl.com/as7pk>
[4] 4 Techniques documented   <http://tinyurl.com/clgkl>
[5] Harvested Techniques    < http://tinyurl.com/cyyft>
[6] 4 HTML Tests    <http://tinyurl.com/by77w>
[7] Templates for our work   <http://tinyurl.com/9wv6c>

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