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R: Size of random sample

From: Roberto Scano \(IWA/HWG\) <r.scano@webprofession.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 08:26:59 +0100
To: "'Velleman, Eric'" <evelleman@bartimeus.nl>, <public-wai-evaltf@w3.org>
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With CMS the problem is that "web pages" are all similars. Is important to
define different page template or different page content to evalutate.
Otherwise, if we analyze for example a blog, a different page could be a
blog post with a multimedia content inside (youtube video, slideshare,etc.).
This is more difficult in case of Web apps, but I think that for these could
be good to refer to ATAG 2.0 actual work (if these web apps generate web

Roberto Scano
International Webmasters Association / The HTML Writers Guild

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Da: Velleman, Eric [mailto:evelleman@bartimeus.nl] 
Inviato: domenica 27 gennaio 2013 01:13
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Oggetto: Size of random sample

Dear all,

More discussion about the new random sample section:

3. The size of the sample must depend upon the size and complexity of the
site (number of pages and variety of content).

In the structured part we ask people to include at least one page for every.
For the random sample I tried to do the same. And at the same time trying to
steer away from having to describe how to measure the size or complexity of
a website and what this means for the size of the random sample.
There is more research necessary and coming up, but for the moment we should
put something here that we can used for testing. What about the following

Proposed resolution: "Include a random sample of at least 20 percent of the
number of web pages that are in the structured sample or a minimum of 5
random web pages from the scope of the website into the sample (if

The '20' and the '5' are of course open for discussion. Please insert your
own numbers.
Please let me know if this is generally the direction we should explore
Kindest regards,

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