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updates to analysis docs

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 14:13:07 -0600
To: <public-wai-eo-site@w3.org>
Message-ID: <003501c4104a$17d11820$418d7544@SLHenry>

Updates based on 15 March WSTF discussion of EOWG feedback from 1 March
face-to-face meeting:

a. vision:
[DONE] - definitive resource - consider expanding to include
"authoritative" and "credible" 

b. user groups:
[DONE] - add "assistive technology developer" (probably under tool
[DONE] - suggestion to identify users in two categories: "technical
implementers" and XYZ (thoughts on that other group: "functional
implementers" or policy, management -type folks)

c. user groups & content list:
[justin took action item] - request to define primary audience for each
doc or group of content (we previously questioned whether that was worth
the effort)

d. personas
[discussed 15 March & on agenda for 22 March] - Andrew's concerns about
personal information in personas
--- consistency issue, maybe less when have primary (perhaps take out of
--- pros & cons of explaining
--- put secondary, rather than first
--- (also change  college > university)
[DONE] - identify primary personas

e. tasks
[DONE] - action item: spell check the list (and for grammar, eg. #7) 
[DONE, added #18] - new task? or already covered? or merge with
another?: we contracted out site development and required it to meet
WCAG. how can i tell if it does?
[DONE, added #27] - new task?: how do people with various disabilities
use computers and Web sites?
[DONE, now #54] - task 52 - add note about "not currently on WAI site"
[DONE, now #54] - task 52 - add: what are the most important
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