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Re: clarification on RE: for EOWG - review Wednesday

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 16:30:17 +1000
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The topics for EO are well described - thanks for all your work.

WRT 'Issues', I liked the suggestion from Charmane of one for "newbies" and
one for "techies".

WRT the 'Quote' - my vote is still for the home page, but at the bottom as
a byline or similar


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Note that what we need from you today is any changes or additions to
below as what I will send to EOWG mailing list tonight (or tomorrow) for
discussion on Friday.


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> Subject: for EOWG - review Wednesday
> Importance: High
> Below is my action item:
> - SHAWN, by Tue 27 April late: send draft highlights and
> Tim's quote info to WSTF list
> Please comment TODAY per your action item:
> - ALL, by Wed 28 April: comment on stuff going to EOWG on
> Friday: purpose statement, Tim's quote, highlights ... so
> that I can meet my next action item:
> - SHAWN, by Thur 29 April: send stuff to EOWG list: purpose
> statement, Tim's quote, highlights
> :-)
> ===
> Issue: Highlights on WAI home page
> WSTF is considering having highlights on the WAI home page.
> Purpose:
> - provide a space to address "hot" topics
> - provide a way to showcase different resources, since many
> people don't know what we have
> - make the home page more "alive" with timely topics that
> change frequently
> Examples of things that might go in highlights area:
> - blurb on newly finished documents, such as standards harmonization
> - XYZ government adopted WCAG, with a link to Policies
> - technique addressing hot issue
> - tip from a document, such as Evaluating Web Sites for
> Accessibility, with a link to that document
> Notes:
> - would probably often have two highlights: 1. that stays
> longer and is a current high priority issue, such as
> standards harmonization, and 2, that changes more frequently,
> perhaps every week, such as a technique or tip
> - would not replace news/announcements as is currently on home page
> ===
> Issue: Quote on WAI home page
> The current WAI home page (http://www.w3.org/WAI/) has in a
> prominent position this quote: "The power of the Web is in
> its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability
> is an essential aspect." -- Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and
> inventor of the World Wide Web
> Question: On the new WAI home page, should this quote be: a.
> above the fold, b. below the fold, c. not on home page (on
> another page, such as Introduction to Web Accessibility or About WAI).
> Discussion: @@ ... doesn't say what WAI is about or what the
> site is about... was important when WAI started to give
> credibility & that's not as important now... takes up fair
> amount of space and doesn't give a whole lot of "umph" if you
> don't know who he is & many don't...  [sorry, i'm too
> exhausted to do this now :-[
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