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Re: Comments Batch #1 (Sylvie Duchateau)

From: Thomas Jewett <jewett@csulb.edu>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 10:13:33 -0700
To: Eric Eggert <w3c@yatil.de>,public-wai-eo-badtf@w3.org
Message-ID: <web-19504152@romulus.csulb.edu>
I've left in only those comments for which I have
additional thoughts.


On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 23:39:57 +0200
  Eric Eggert <w3c@yatil.de> wrote:

>> #3) [open] accessible site - "quick menu": check use of 
>>title attribute and value of the submit button
>> Suggested action: confirm problem and check for fixes
> Remove the title, Go is descriptive enough. Alternative: 
> quick menu"

Might want to check with a regular user of a voice reader.

>> #5) [open] accessible home page - "take survey" link: is 
>>not apparent from the surrounding text
>> Suggested action: check with others
> Donít know which link is meant here...

I think it's the one at the bottom of the "More City 
article -- no, it's not real obvious, but I think it's OK
in context.

>> #8) [open] accessible survey - after submission: 
>>consider adding a reminder that the submission of the 
>>form is fictional
>> Suggested action: reject - EOWG had decided that this is 
>>probably not necessary, since the entire Demo is 
>>obviously fictional
> Iím in favor of such a note.

I've done things like, "If this were a real survey, your
vote would have been recorded." Just a thought...
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