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Re: Comments Batch #3 (Andrew Arch)

From: Thomas Jewett <jewett@csulb.edu>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 10:26:40 -0700
To: Eric Eggert <w3c@yatil.de>,public-wai-eo-badtf@w3.org
Message-ID: <web-19504487@romulus.csulb.edu>
As in preceeding message, only additional comments.


On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 23:40:04 +0200
  Eric Eggert <w3c@yatil.de> wrote:

>> #11) [open] all demo pages - "quick menu": should the 
>>menu lead to pages on the same site (News, Tickets, 
>>Survey, etc)?
>> Suggested action: reject - internal pages are too few 
>>for a quick menu (maybe clarify the "quick menu"?)
> Quick menu seems to be misleading… we should clarify 
>what it is or leave it out.

It's a good example of a dropdown box, but yes, I think
it's confusing, especially since none of the links go
anyplace. I've handled this similarly to the "survey
response" I mentioned earlier -- call a short PHP page
with two paramaters: the calling page and the name of
the simulated link. Response would be, "If this were a
real site, this would be the 'Education' page" -- a
button would allow return to where you were.
>> #12) [open] accessible site - "quick menu": links to do 
>>not go to Wikipedia but back to the same page (check for 
>> Suggested action: confirm problem and check for fixes
> Confirm.

See #11 above.
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