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w3process-ISSUE-121 (IPinforInCharters): Intellectual property information.in charters [Process Document]

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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 05:59:06 +0000
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w3process-ISSUE-121 (IPinforInCharters): Intellectual property information.in charters [Process Document]


Raised by: Steve Zilles
On product: Process Document

In section 5.6 Activity Proposals there is the following,
"Intellectual property information. What are the intellectual property (including patents and copyright) considerations affecting the success of the Activity? In particular, is there any reason to believe that it will be difficult to meet the Royalty-Free licensing goals of section 2 of the W3C Patent Policy [PUB33]?"

Issue: Should we put this requirement on charters?

Suggested Resolution:
This requirement is already there on charters. In Section 6.2.6 Working Group and Interest Group Charters
after the list of charter requirements, it says,
"See also the charter requirements of section 2 and section 3 of the W3C Patent Policy [PUB33]."

Although this statement is not quite the same as that for an Activity, it seems to cover (functionally) the same ground that the Activity statement had.
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