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Re: w3process-ISSUE-107 (cc0-or-cc-by): Need a CC0 or CC-by license [Process Document]

From: Charles McCathie Nevile <chaals@yandex-team.ru>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 23:08:53 +0200
To: public-w3process@w3.org, "Revising W3C Process Community Group Issue Tracker" <sysbot+tracker@w3.org>
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On Fri, 08 Aug 2014 16:59:15 +0200, Revising W3C Process Community Group  
Issue Tracker <sysbot+tracker@w3.org> wrote:

> w3process-ISSUE-107 (cc0-or-cc-by): Need a CC0 or CC-by license [Process  
> Document]
> http://www.w3.org/community/w3process/track/issues/107
> Raised by: Marcos Caceres
> On product: Process Document

The Process doesn't mandate a license, except 'what W3C decides". Are you  
suggesting that this *should* be mandated in the Process?

My personal preference is to get W3C to select a better set of licenses  
and conditions about when they can be applied, and keep it out of the  
Process. In other words, I would suggest we close this issue here, or  
change the product to something about "working procedures" or the like.

But your mileage may vary, or you may have a convincing argument that  
changes my preference, or everyone except me may be convinced that I am  
wrong, or…



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