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Re: AW: AW: Secure Chrome

From: James A. Donald <jamesd@echeque.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 10:08:18 +1000
Message-ID: <44BAD4F2.3090501@echeque.com>
To: public-usable-authentication@w3.org

James A. Donald:
 > > doubtless if one did ask that, it would be declared
 > > to be off topic.

Amir Herzberg
 > it would be _rightfully_ (imho) be declared off-topic.
 > We have other forums (as you know well!) for general
 > discussions, this forum is for trying to define one
 > particular part of the solution, and focusing is
 > critical for success of such efforts (as I believe you
 > also know well).

You will observe that most of the problems that afflict
us today consist of attacks on the boundaries between
one protocol and another protocol, between areas covered
by one committee, and areas covered by another

That does not mean that it is all one big problem that
cannot be subdivided - but it does mean that the
subdivisions have to be done right.  For example secure
letterhead is not going to work unless Ebay letterhead
works the same way when I contact Ebay as when Ebay
contacts me - the same way on browser pages and email -
therefore getting secure letterhead to work is off

This results in solutions that, like PKI and SPF,
perfectly solve the problems they were designed to
solve, which unfortunately seldom much resemble the
problems that we face.

          James A. Donald
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