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RE: TTWG minutes October 16, 2008

From: Sean Hayes <Sean.Hayes@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 19:48:55 +0100
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Initial things I spotted in 708 not in DFXP.

Window anchor points - no equivalent mechanism in DFXP but could possibly be faked by combination of region extent, origin, displayAlign and textAlign properties.

window fade in/out - dfxp has no intermediate animation, but could be approximated using set and opacity.

window wipes - dfxp has no intermediate animation, but could possibly be approximated using set and extent.

window borders - dfxp has no equivalent, but could possibly fake it with region background, padding and div background.

text subscript/superscript - dfxp has no equivalent. Could set font height in a span, but no way to accurately move baseline.

role tagging in 708 can be parameterised.

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Subject: TTWG minutes October 16, 2008

Timed-text working group minutes October 16, 2008

David Kirby (DK, chair)
Sean Hayes (SH, scribe)
Andrew Kirkpatrick (AK)
Philippe le Hegaret (PH)
Glenn Adams:  (GA)
Geoff Freed (GF)
John Birch (JB)
Dick Bulterman (DB)
Mike Dolan (MD)
Don Evans (DE)

Frans de Jong (FJ)

PH: Apologies on mixup on call logisitics
ACTION PH to ensure call set up for next week.

DK: Action items

1 contact AOL - closed.
2 Philippe - matching test to feature sets. No more progress.
3 (item 10) NCAM details - closed
4 (item 11) Microsoft - no progress

Item 3: SMILText and streaming.

DB: Background

SmilText is based on dfxp with some name changes to avoid conflicts with other SMIL attributes. Has a realtext streaming structure, unlike SMIL timing.

Esseintially an XML version of realtext, where.
  All the layout is pulled.
  Design things to do style based on dfxp.
  Timing is based on time markers (tev), tev's are markers rather than containers..

Currently out for voting.
SMIL did some external consultations. NCAM and BBC.


SH: timing model is different to SMIL. Not container based. Don't need to parse the whole file if using a SAX like model.

DB: Uses absolute and relative time markers. and rendering is based on what is currently loaded. Even if a tev is in a <p> or <div>. it is a purely additive model, with clear.

DB: Header information is fixed like it is in DFXP. Supports out of band styling, but no in stream styling. Canuse smil param elements as the out of band mechanism.


DB: Addresses 2 issues:
   realtext functionality with no IP encumberance.
   lightweight captioning formats to mirror support in SMIl and an external format.
   ensure a syntax support. and if we need to add things.

DB: Actions to TTWG - Mostly informative.

SH: There are things that can be expressed in dfxp which cannot be expressed in smilText, but, probably smilText could be expressed in DFXP.

SH: DFXP could use a SAX like model for streaming if constrain what is expressed.

GA: For full DFXP would require an INFOSet stream model

DB: Should study smil time sheets

SH: would be out of scope for DFXP, but we had a similar idea in AFXP.

DB: SMIL group express a willingness to work on it.


708 discussion.

Out of time, but some agreement (SH, MD) that there are some things in 708 not in dfxp.

ACTION SH to circulate initial findings.

end of call

**Note that the next call will be October 23 at 10:00am/eastern,
3:00pm/UK, 7:00am/pacific.**
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