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Minutes of TT telecon 3rd Oct 2008

From: David Kirby <david.kirby@rd.bbc.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 16:38:53 +0100
Message-ID: <48EB828D.2000208@rd.bbc.co.uk>
To: public-tt@w3.org

W3C TTWG Minutes of telecon 3 Oct 2008

 David Kirby [BBC]
 Sean Hayes [Microsoft]
 Philippe Le Hégaret [W3C]
 Frans de Jong [EBU]

Regrets: Geoff Freed, Mike Dolan, Dick Bulterman, John Birch

1. Teleconf time
-       Not convenient for Mike.
-       Will shifting by +1 hr make it better? Try to agree better time via e-mail.

2. Next Teleconf
      Friday 10th Oct 9:00 Eastern Time – chaired by Sean.

3. Action items
-       Andrew Kirkpatrick and Matthew May (both Adobe) have joined the group.
-       Philippe to check if they are on the mailing list.
-       Actions 8 and 9 still open:
        AOL not yet contacted – still open for Sean.
        Feature set – still pending as well (Philippe).

4. Membership
       Skipped, as already covered above.

5. Implementation Chart
a. Implementations
-       ACTION: Geoff to fill in sheet for NCAM implementations.
-       ACTION: Sean to fill in sheet for one or possibly two implementations from Microsoft.

-       Info should not be too detailed on the public list.
-       If needed, we could code the implementation names to prevent undesired public conclusions.
-       Currently this is not needed, but will consider this if the detail becomes commercially sensitive.

-       Details for OpenCube (and project partner Ninsight) will probably be added soon as well.

-       Suspect that LibraryOfCongress (W3C member) uses Adobe DFXP version.
-       We may have multiple Adobe implementations in the chart.
-       May need to merge columns which are effectively the same implementation into one.

b. Ownership
-       Andrew (hopefully) will own the Flash one.
-       SubtitleWorkshop lacking an owner at the moment. David will take it for the time being.
-       Others already owned by group members

5. Test suite
-       Philippe to generate an accurate report of coverage before the next teleconf.

6. Test reporting
a. Results template
-       Current template does not reveal all details, e.g. differences in time format used. So whether two systems are interoperable isn't clear directly from the chart. We may need to add further detail to clarify this.

b. Initial tests
-       We should circulate some initial results, to identify the problem types we can envision.
-       We’ll keep an informal lists for these type of things (via Members list).
-       W3C recommends putting them (anonymized) into the tracker page (which sends out an e-mail).

7. Conformance levels/profiles
-       Broadcasters want to have a very clearly defined interchange standard for subtitling files.
-       This means some profiling / conformance level is needed.
-       If not done in W3C, EBU may do it.
-       Sean: SMPTE Internet caption forum could be another place to do it (e.g. as a RP), new activity starting soon.
-       Danger of having divergence if we profile too late.
-       Frans: EBU strongly interested in avoiding divergence.
-       User feedback on what features are required for an application area will be key.

-       Planning: last call Jan/Feb 2009 + plugfest possibly during e.g. NAB 2009 (17-23 Apr 2009), at EBU event, or other.
-       Frans: EBU happy to help with EBU Members input (pending mgt decision in a few weeks), already got some at IBC 2008.

-       Frans will check on SMPTE link with Hans Hoffmann (EBU).
-       David will check on BBC links through to SMPTE work with Phil Tudor.

8. Discussion items and errata
      Postponed until a later meeting.

9. AOB

- Dick Bulterman would like to discuss support for transforming DFXP into streaming SMILtext.
- Streaming XML files is something for a wider discussion.
- Another point is to make sure translation of DFXP into 708 (for US) works.
- Philippe warns we should be careful solving too many issues with regards to SMIL to make the deadline.
- Above points to be on the agenda for a later meeting.

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