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Re: sample tests [and framework]

From: Geoff Freed <geoff_freed@wgbh.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 08:51:30 -0500
To: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>, public-tt@w3.org
Message-id: <314BA7AE-0AA9-410D-88F8-92B2BCFDB66F@wgbh.org>

looks good to me-- thanks for putting it together.  i'd have no  
problem using this as our framework.  regarding the inclusion of  
ccplayer-- we give it away for free, so including it in the test  
suite should not be a problem (i'll verify just to be sure).


On Nov 18, 2008, at 1:29 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 10:44 -0500, geoff freed wrote:
>>> I started to include some of the examples from the specification as
>>> well. It would be nice if the examples in the specification can work
>>> as-is if the feature is supported.
>>> Some issues we face, among others, with regards to the  
>>> implementation:
>>> - no support for xml:id
>>>  We know that one already.
>> Sight change-- future releases of NCAM's CCforFlash and the ccPlayer
>> will support both id and xml:id.  The next software update will be in
>> a few weeks.
> That's a good news. I also encourage you to look at the tests that I
> wrote since I ran into some issues with the ccPlayer...
> It would be good to know from Andrew where their player stands on  
> xml:id
> now.
>>> btw, I also have a small web application that will take those tests
>>> and
>>> display them in the NCAM and JW Player implementations. It also  
>>> allows
>>> one to generate a report as well. If folks are interested and no one
>>> objects, I'm happy to commit this framework as well. I'm also  
>>> happy to
>>> integrate other implementations as well, based on an implementation
>>> example running in a Web page.
>> Sounds worthwhile.  Can you send a pointer to an example?
> I attached the framework to this message.
> 1. Unzip
> 2. copy the ccPlayer.swf (and player.swf from JWP if you want to) in
> testsuite/web-framework
>   (I didn't include them because of possible licensing issues)
> 3. open testsuite/web-framework/START.html into your favorite browser.
> Hopefully, it will work (I tested it with a few web browsers but one
> never know...). Feedback is welcome of course.
> Philippe
> <testsuite_and_framework.zip>
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