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Re: new issue? dfxp and language selection

From: John Birch <john.birch@screen.subtitling.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 21:51:00 -0000
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I used the sequence element simply because I adapted Daniel's example...
The example omits any timing element but it was assumed by me to indicate a sequential presentation... So the english sequence would be presented temporally as "TYRE SCREECH! Quick! Put the body in the boot!"

I added a comment about this example requiring selection at the foot of my original email (quoted below)...BTW by alt. markup I meant markup to indicate that these were alternatives... In a manner similar to the HTML alt usage... Sorry I didn't make that clearer...

"BUT what is interesting here is that the two text strings (excluding the sound effect representation) ARE equivalents. 
What is certain is that BOTH should NOT be displayed. Perhaps some form of alt. markup is required :-)"

Without an implicit assumption of content selection I agree that additional markup would be required to show that intent (selective content) - hence the comment about the alt tag above (although I do realise that alt in HTML has a somewhat different intended usage :-)

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Subject: Re: new issue? dfxp and language selection

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 3:45 AM, John Birch
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> It's a good explanation, but I fear I'm not quite getting my point across.
> Two selection scenarios are common in subtitling.
> A) target audience language selection. Probably at a level immediately below body level between multiple 'functionally equivalent' yet language differentiated divs.
> B) Removal of inline content because of user preference. For example, in a movie with hard-of-hearing subtitles, a user may wish to turn off the subtitles pertaining to sound effects, but retain those relating to speech. Note: this can be done with current spec using ttm:role attribute.
> I agree that DFXP should include a marker that makes an explicit statement about intent.
> E.g. This content is intended for french speakers.
> Or perhaps go further... E.g. This content is intended for french speakers who are also deaf (although this can be finessed using the role attribute).
> I agree with Sean that I think that the same type of selection that might be achieved by language matching and switch constructs can be achieved by processing - PROVIDED that sufficient markup exists in the document to identify content with sufficient granularity.
> So my suggestion would be
>   <sequence ttm:lang="fr" title="Titre en français">
>     <p ttm:role="sound">FANFARE!</p>
>     <p>Ce texte est en français.</p>
>     <p ttm:lang="fr-CA">Ce texte est en québécquois.</p>
>   </sequence>
>   <sequence ttm:lang="en" title="Title in English">
>     <p ttm:role="sound">TYRE SCREECH!</p>
>     <p>Quick! Put the body in the boot!</p>
>     <p ttm:lang="en-US">Quick! Put the body in the trunk!</p>
>   </sequence>

How does a processor know to treat this as content selection and not
as text to be displayed sequentially, as the "sequence" tag is


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