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Minutes of TT WG Teleconference on 03/10/05

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 00:31:15 +0200
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Minutes of TT WG Teleconference on 03/10/05


  Glenn Adams (XFSI, Chair, Scribe) [GA]
  Sean Hayes (Microsoft) [SH]
  Erik Hodge (RealNetworks) [EH]
  David Kirby (BBC) [DK]
  Thierry Michel (W3C) [TM]
  Dave Singer (Apple) [DS]


  Mike Dolan (invited expert) [MD]
  Geoff Freed (WGBH/NCAM) [GF]

1. Status of 2nd Public Draft

[GA] Draft sent to publications; awaiting time slot on 14th (next
Monday for publishing).

[GA] Raises question of timing for LC; original plan was to publish
on 18th: is this feasible?

[TM] Process does not prevent us from quick turn around to publish LC.

Conclusion: Stay the course with plans for 2nd WD on 14th and LC on

2. F2F Logistics

[TM] Only 2 registrants so far.

[GA] Encourages members to register. Will also reiterate invitation to
those who registered as observers for the canceled Mar 3-4 meeting.

[DS] Can accommodate 10-15 with no problem.

[SH] Will arrive at noon or later on Monday due to flight schedule.

[GA] Working on agenda, which will focus on (in priority order):

* DFXP LC Comments
* DFXP Testing

[GA] Is working on draft for AFXP for presentation on/before F2F. It
will be in the form of a delta upon DFXP.

3. Action Items

[GA] Noted review of action items (by chair) sent in last telecon
minutes. Asks group to agree to removing closed/done actions: no
objections. Will update action item list in this minutes thereby.

4. Open Issues (Not Discussed)

1. [DS] doesn't like example of multiple <set>s to show a fade.

2. [DS] whether to permit expressing durations in real or media time
while operating in discontinuous SMPTE marker mode; [GA] suggest we
(continue to) rule out durations while operating in discontinous mode;

3. [MD] wants to see buffer model characterized in streaming annex;
[GA] we could add a number of parameters that characterize certain
maximums that are relevant to buffering and processing on a user
agent, such as (where max* means the maximum of some value that
applies at a given instant in time):

* ttp:maxRegions    -- max regions at one time
* ttp:maxStyles     -- max styles that apply to content at one time
* ttp:maxCharacters -- max chars to be displayed at one time
* ttp:maxPixels     -- max pixels of regions at one time

4. [GA] there may be some authoring confusion around having a general
ttm:agent attribute for content, but then having a local (unqualfieid)
agent attribute for the ttm:actor element.





Action: [SH] To elaborate use cases for audio embed usage.

Action: [GA] to generalize and clearly articulate [MD] feedback on XBC
with TT-AF structured timing as use case, then send to WG for review
prior to forwarding to XBC.

Action: [GA] change language in vocab element defs that defines equiv
class of attrs in foreign namespace to not admit unqualified attrs.

Action: [GA] need to ensure that we document whether time intervals
are half-opened intervals or closed. We always use half-opened intervals
for [begin,end) = [begin,begin+dur).

Action: [GA] ensure there is language that gives precendence to
end over dur in case both are specified.

Action: [GA] formulate proposal to express coordinates in rows
and columns and to express total # of rows/cols for which content was

Partially done. Needs more work.

Action: [GA] ensure that all elements can also take ttm:* attributes,
but need to define in context of specific elements which ones have
standard semantics.

Action: [GA] define semantics of ttm:agent metadata attribute such that
inner specifications override outer specifications, e.g.,

Action: [GA] for each AFXP style property that we don't include in DFXP,
need to specify a normative default value for DFXP, but do so in a way
that doesn't require normative use of AFXP specification.

Action: [GA] since <color>s are opaque, need to say so in verbiage.

Action: [GA] Ensure that if we define overflow="clip" on region that
we say that outermost region is expected to be clipped in all cases.

Action: [KB] Review the March 2002 TT Task Force requirements to see if
the current TT-AF-1-0-REQ does not include all those earlier
and if not, then make a case for including in TT-AF-1-0-REQ. [TM] will
help as required and report back to WG.

Action: [GA] To verify that TTPRO DB is well configured to handle
DFXP comments.

Action: [DK] To help verify that TTPRO DB is populated with open
DFXP issues.

Action: [SH] to submit message to reflector on text-outline issue;

Action: [KB] to review metadata for content adaptation workshop
presentations [15] to see if there is relevant input to our work on

Action: [GA] add language under namespace and/or conventions section
indicates that if an element type is used unqualified in spec then it is
in tt: namespace.

Action: [GA] further research required on quoted-string.

Action: [DK]|[GF] respond to query at [2].

Action: [GA] to incorporate new tts:direction and tts:unicodeBidi
sample images provided by [GF].

Action: [GF] Supply image examples for tts:dynamicFlow, working
with John Birch as necessary.


See Issue DB.

*** Upcoming Meetings ***

Next telecon will be 03/17.

F2F - Apr 11-13/2005 - Mt View, CA (Apple)

*** URIs ***

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